Monday, November 5, 2012

Dr. Pepper And Watzisname

Why do I love traveling? Firstly, of course, is for the sight seeing, I love to go to places where I haven't been before and I would "gawk" at the awesome sights before me. Secondly, it is the different culture that attracts me to go there as well... to experience how people interact with one another, greetings, language and their cultures. Thirdly... no need to make a guess.. the one with the capital F... Yes!

While I was in San Jose, we went to this friend's house and she offered us this fruit... oh dear, I forgot the name but back home here, we used to eat this fruit dried...
anyone knows the name of this fruit?
and we were also served with this drink called Dr. Pepper..
No, there is no pepper taste inside.... but something similar to our Diet Coke here..
If you ask me, I love neither of these drinks...
I still prefer SARSI anytime.. lol...


  1. Dried? Don't think I know the fruit... Buah delima?

  2. not sure, Arthur... but i have eaten it before here.. dried and small..

  3. that fruit look weird to me
    anyways i love sarsi too

  4. It should be a fig
    Malaysia also got fig tree, just not as common as other fruits tree.

  5. oh fresh fig!!! usually the dry one I use to boil soup.. 'mo fa guo'! I only recently saw it in the wet market selling the fresh ones!


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