Friday, November 9, 2012

Pawn Shop Television Series

Remember the diamond ring post?  After some "consultation"... the ring that we found at the ticket counter in New York, New York.... is a FAKE, much to our disappointment....  We had a good laugh over it for we have been building castles in the air....
When we were cruising along the Las Vegas Strip, we found this PAWN SHOP... according to my sister, the PAWN SHOP is a popular television show and I heard that it is also being show on our Astro too though I have not watched it before....
we were very curious... we went down to take a few pictures
and wanted to enter the premises in fact...
all of us were wondering whether this is the same shop 
that is shown on the TV....
Well, we didn't manage to go in as it was already closed for the day...
Now that reminds me, I must watch this Pawn Shop series..
Oh, is it still showing on Astro by the way?


  1. Haiyah!!! How disappointing!!! Otherwise, that would call for a big dinner treat! LOL!!!

  2. thats indeed disappointing haha

    anyways pawnshop show? what is it in pawnshop people would want to see on tv?

  3. I hvn't seen this show time for tv actually

  4. Oh no.......that's sad! I was wishing that it's a real one. Then I can imagine how you are going to scream and dream what to do with it :D Never mind, keep dreaming, Claire. I hope you pick up a real diamond one day!

  5. Owh I watched the show before. It is pretty interesting. You get to learn history, see different unique items and there are some funny moments too.

  6. The show is called Pawn Stars. hahahah!


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