Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Popeyes And Terrible's

The other day I was mentioning about Terrible's in my post... managed to find the photo to highlight what I posted here....
would you name your shop this word?
next to Terrible's is Popeyes...
from afar, you can read as Popeyes Terrible's  :)

but Popeyes has a nice ambience ....
we came here for our dinner during our first night in Las Vegas...
we ordered some cups of brown rice.. or is it Mexican rice?
very much different from our rice over here.. not whitish and polished as ours...

and of course, we must try the original Popeye's 
Handcrafted Tenders..
(whatever that means!) 
familiar looking, right?
Just like our KFC or should I say McD too?
Their taste? 
They tasted pretty much the same to me.. 
I still prefer grilled chicken to fried ones...


  1. Oh tried this before. I like the fried fish and prawn.

  2. I'm referring The Popeye Louisiana Kitchen.

  3. we have this Popeye now in Malaysia too.. but like what Vicky mentioned, it's from Louisiana...

  4. No spinach? For huge bulging muscles? LOL!!!

  5. haha...what a name for that shop! Terrible!

  6. Nice name for a shop. Do the shop assistants have big and muscular biceps like poepeye?

  7. that chicken seems crunchy and yummy to me
    i so love fried chicken

  8. Finally comment box come back jor. can comment.

    At first i thought Popeye is the fried chicken we have here and why u say terrible LOL. Innovative la the name

  9. Popeye, No spinach to eat along with the chicken, hehehe

  10. vicky: they have fish and prawns too?

    cyn: something like fast food too?

    stp: Popeye the sailor man! Poot Poot! lol..

    mnhl: maybe that makes it outstanding.. hehehe..

    andrew: they have no spinach there.. :)

    mecoy: wait till u are at my age.. then u might not like.. :)

    kathy: Terrible's is the next door convenience store.. :)

    irene: they have rice though.. :)


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