Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sushi Zento In Festival Walk @ Ipoh

"Don't tell me that you want Japanese food for dinner again?"   She gave me a big grin and that meant a Big Yes!  Oh...oh...

I think both of us have tried all the Japanese restaurants in Ipoh by now already... Even the latest one called Sushi Zento did not escape her knowledge.  She told me that this Zento is now in Ipoh, having a promotion of 20% for all belt sushi... (meaning those that moves along the "track")

And we are... at Sushi Zento to join in the crowd ....
 A new outlet is born.... easy parking and easy to locate... 
 Sushi flowing along the belt...
 The prices are quite reasonable.... 
2 pieces of salmon cost RM3.80 and my girl kept 4 pieces of that...
the rest we shared... 
 Shake Tataki Roll... 
I prefer my salmon pan fried a bit...
 I ordered a Sweet 16 drink...
Fresh strawberries and fresh pineapple...
And the bill came to an enormous RM76.60!
Well, this is not the end...
She told me that she wanted to come by again in two weeks time...
and that means I will have to eat porridge for the next two weeks!

Sushi Zento
Festival Walk @ Ipoh
Jalan Medan Ipoh 1
Medan Ipoh Bistari, Ipoh


  1. I think it still consider cheap if 2 of you in KK, me and my friend usually spent about RM100+ uhuhuhu~

  2. girl also loves Japanese food very much especially the sushi

  3. angel: wow.. so expensive! Japanese food is not cheap then...

    wenn: yeah, i prefer the sushi than the bento sets too..

  4. This is how I make my students aware of how difficult their parents earn for the family.

    M = Mulitasked
    O = Overworked
    N = Nightmares
    E = Exhausted
    Y = Youthless

  5. Melissa would love this too!!! Yes, Japanese is expensive, once in a while...ok lah...not all the time.

  6. after drinking do you feel that you are 16 again? lol
    well porridge better than bread right?

  7. RM76.60 for those?? that is quite expensive woh.. hmmm, she wanted to go there again?? then ask her to pay next time, probably she won't want to go again~~ :D

  8. Nice sushi yummy and if you compare RM76.60 with this 10 seater Jap restaurant in Toyko subway station its poles apart. Better sit tight and not fall of your chair when you see the price for one meal of 20 pcs of sushi. Its RM1130 that's right no kidding. The restaurant has earned a 3 star Michelin award and belongs to a 85 year old chef who has all the love and passion in his job and very hard on himself who goes for perfect perfection. tQ to SeniorAloud for this entry. Check this out Jiro's sushi

  9. My kids are great fans of Japanese & Korean food but not me. Called me a typical Chinese, hehehe..

  10. i have always wanted to eat in a japanese restaurant but i was too lazy to travel

  11. guess Ipoh is catching up on trends too!


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