Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Crabs Are Too Heavy For My Pocket!

I have put off this post for quite some time already... mainly because it is a "heavy" post because it weighs nearly 2kg! Yes, the crabs weighed that much and cost super-much too.. you won't believe it!

Okay, the five of us went for a meal in The Crabs House in Ipoh Garden South... before we went, I called up to book a table... and to order the following dishes as well...
Two pieces of Seremban Grilled Crabs...
grilled with honey.... or maybe some special sweet sauce...
and we must lick on the shell to get the taste out of it...
the claws are big no doubt...
but I feel the flesh is a bit too dry....
we ordered this too.. claypot spinach with egg...
and their signature dish.. 
steamed hidden chicken  with gingko nuts...
my friends love this dish.. 
something special... 
with the chicken essence, pepper and gingko nuts, 
the soup is indeed "tantalizing"
but when the bill came, it was "shocking!"
For only three dishes, we had to fork out 
After minus-ing the above, the crabs came to  ????
Isn't that Terrifying? 
Well, not that I won't go back again...
I still would but I definitely will not order 
the Heavy Weight again!


  1. Hmmm...was it the crabs that was expensive? or the special chicken with gingko?

  2. Could be the crab. My family had once ordered ONE spider crab at Unique Seafood. Just the crab itself cost nearly RM500!

  3. missy: heavy weight crabs.. :)

    pam: oh gosh!! enough for the whole family?

  4. Crabs are expensive...if i want to have crabs, i would go to sitiawan area. cheaper there

  5. It is certainly a big crab.


  6. 2 kg crab...over RM100 already, plus the chicken and everything else - ok lah...not too expensive. Too bad the crab meat's dry though. Overcooked?

  7. Hello! Nice to meet you too, thanks so much for dropping by at my blog. :)

  8. andrew: u mean Kampong Koh? so long i never been there..

    filip: big and heavy too!

    stp: maybe grilling is like that?

    sharon: yeah.. but not giant crabs! :)

    babysumo: anytime! :)

  9. Wow, babe! The price is very attractive!

  10. Hahahahah,crabs have never never been my fav dish,no matter how they are cooked but in the contrary my missus loves it so much...

    The reason I no like,simply because very the expensive and a tedious job to"kopek" and afte kopeking,the flesh is left a little to savor,,,

    call me a miser but I think I rather have Sahsimi for that matter,,,

  11. The Crabs House is really selling expensive crabs eh! Sepatang crabs are cheaper, Claire.

  12. I grew up in Kampong Koh man!!! All my school days I was there eating crabs like nobody's business. Now... No more :(

  13. Ouch..i am feeling your pocket is burning..but is okay la. Tummy is happy at the end.hehehheh

  14. though i preferred chicken chop for easier eating i think that chicken dish was indeed mouth watering

  15. rose: i agree.. :)

    eugene: come i seem to like a lot of food! :)

    yan: that gives me a reason to go there again, right? :)

  16. OMGourd RM80 per kg for the crabs? Even KL seafood restos don't charge such high price! :S

  17. wah... is about the KL pricing jor... but yummy wor.. :D


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