Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Statue Of Liberty

Passed by the Statue Of Liberty many times in Las Vegas but unfortunately, I didn't capture the name of the hotel there. While the car was moving, I kept myself busy clicking here and there and now I am back, I forgot most of the names...

Maybe some of you can help me with the name of this hotel...
I turned my camera in such an angle.. but couldn't get the position right..
maybe in a moving van, it is difficult to capture it all...
but when night came, I managed to get it better... how come? 
This is better...
Long Live America!!


  1. Hello.. Think it is called New York-New York

  2. thats a pretty cool replica and with your shot it somehow seemed the original statue of liberty

  3. anony: thanks!! that helps!

    mecoy: i have to turn my position here and there.. haha...


Thank you, readers!

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