Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yam Yam Seafood Restaurant In Ipoh Garden South

When weekend comes, I will have to start thinking of where to go out for our  Sunday routine dinner with my mom and kids... I remember putting up in my FB that Ipoh is going to reach its limit of food, not much choices anymore and someone commented that I am "spoilt."  Hahahahaa... perhaps I am.. or perhaps Ipoh now is not as "famous" as in those days anymore... maybe all the good cooks have "migrated" to other states....

Coming back to the "spoilt" part, I was so excited when Elin told me there is a shop called Yam Yam in Ipoh Garden South which we never been to before.... Yam Yam.... cute name.. perhaps it should be Yum Yum? :)

I heard from Elin that it is always crowded after 7pm... so to beat the crowd, I went around 6pm.. and our food were served in less than 20 minutes... For the 5 of us, we ordered these dishes below...
steamed clams (lala) with ginger wine...
I would give them a Thumbs up cos the clams were very fresh and were well done..
meaning not tough and overcooked...   :)
the lady boss suggested that we try this chicken which comes with a bowl of sauce..
something like "salted chicken sauce" which suits my taste buds perfectly!
I think the chicken was baked cos it was not very oily...
their signature bean curd... kids will love this...
it was still "sizzling" when served....
I ordered spinach in soup to balance up the meal...
and Andy requested for his favourite dish....
and everyone ate with full satisfaction....
for the 5 dishes, rice and drinks, the bill came to RM72.00..
I think the bill is quite reasonable...
Will certainly go back for more choices....

Address: 9 Lebuh Raya
Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh.


  1. ...and no yam? LOL!!!

    Waiyor...only a little bit of vege in the soup... Hmmmm...must eat more vege dishes wor!!!

    Wah!!! So cheap also leh? Not bad lah...eating in Ipoh! Next time I go, you can bring me here hor? LOL!!!

  2. Fried omelette is Andy's favourite kah? Hah!!!! Like that, very easy to please...and feed. Simple dish to cook. LOL!!!

  3. stp: Sibu and Ipoh are quite reasonable.. only dishes are different... you coming when? Must inform in advance leh.. now i start saving money first.. hahaha....

  4. If u all come to KL i bring u all to Little Yum Yum pulaks..nearby my place

  5. Thanks for the advert, lol.... I'm going to let my parents know cos they are staying there only.

    It's only a walking distance.

  6. wow, nice and cheap! I love the lala..

  7. merryn: not yam yam? hehehe.. great! thanks for you offer!

    jessie: hope your parents like it!

    wenn: me too....

  8. I love steamed lala to the max. My mum just cooked it for me last weekend. Feel so blessed :)

  9. Reana, any place to suggest for my dad's birthday celebration? My mom suggested those traditional restaurant banquet, but I'm wondering whether there's any place unique, with good food, nice ambience? LOL..im so demanding.. hahaha..

  10. I go Ipoh look for you, u bring me go eat ya, kakaka...

  11. wow the lala! i didnt eat for a long time ad! TT

  12. andrew: memang blessed!! :)

    nicole: me also very traditional one.. in Ipoh, i go for Kok Thai, Sun Lee How Fook (their sea cucumber not bad), East Ocean in Menglembu.. if u want special, then go for the Crab House, or Weng Kee... my list will go on and on.. hahaha..

    sharon: alright!!! :)

    henry: nowadays not cheap also.. :)

  13. im never been a fan of seafood specifically shell fish

    so i guess ill stick with the egg and chicken

  14. All the dishes looks so good. Pretty cheap too. Droolinggggggg!!!!

  15. mecoy: good..all protein! :)

    irene: coming over? :)

  16. I love steamed lala with ginger wine and lots of cili padi! My taste bud would goes kabooom!!

  17. My fave would be the omelette too. The lala looks different from those I've tried...

  18. Ehh yam yam ah? If I'm not mistaken, there's also a Yum Yum in Ipoh right? I remember it used to be popular too! I miss those lala!!

  19. the lala looks big and fresh..

  20. Wow!! I love the lala. They look delicious!

  21. yvonne: me too! hehehe..

    irene: yes, I want to go there once again...

    sweetwitch: yumyum is more on assam food... all hot and spicy.. this yamyam is diffferent.. more on seafood dishes..

    sp: and fresh too...

    kitty: i love them too! :)


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