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Her Choices Are David's Diner And Sushi Zento

Whenever she is back, she will tell me that she wants to eat this and eat that... and I try my best to oblige her cos I know that she deprives from these food whenever she is in college.  She has slimmed down a lot, so much that it worries me that she has insufficient of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins...etc etc......etc... to me, she is just skin and bones...

Well,  I may be a bit overworried but then which mother or father doesn't worry about their kids' food intake especially when they are away from home, right?

After the previous post on our brunch, we went to David's Diner for our dinner.... it has been quite a long while since we last went there...
a mini Christmas decoration to lighten up the atmosphere...
I ordered grilled chicken and it came out like rich and creamy...
With the Italian baked potatoes,  I could only manage one piece of chicken meat... piece of my chicken meat "landed" in my girl's grilled salmon....
Along with this, she had a bowl of mushroom soup and a small bun...
For dessert, a scoop of ice cream with a mini choc fudge ended in my stomach..
For a set like this with drinks, it cost around RM81.00
 Today... or should I say lunch time,
we went to Sushi Zento in Festival Walk....
Our third time to this place already... oh dear for me..
Besides the six plates of sushi from the rotating belt, we ordered these too...
Tempura sweet potatoes...
Forgot what it is called.. but one thing for sure,
She went back to college with a satisfying stomach ...
And I feel more at ease that she has taken some good food before she left....
(Rantings from a Mother)


  1. Young people all the same. Her chicken looks like what Melissa had at Payung tonight. Watch out for the post!

  2. wah, the grilled chicken looks good woh.. love the creamy gravy they put on top, this for sure will cover the dryness of the chicken?? hehehe, smart lah~~

  3. Oh YUM!!! This looks like the kind of food we have here, it is mouth watering. Her weight does not surprise me. You fed her so well and so wonderfully, college will make her thin as a rail!

  4. stp: what to do.. during our time, no such luxury! :)

    sk: yes.. creamy and fat too! ..

    ginny: hope she can gain what she has lost for one week.. hahaa..

  5. The chicken is making me hungry NOW! hmm..let's see what I can dish out with my chicken here in the sink -.-

  6. Food looks awesome. Droolingggg mode.My son is skinny too after he enters university but thankfully, this year will be his final year.

  7. Aww such a sweet mother! Happy to see your daughter all well-fed and stuffed before she goes back for another round of 'suffering' without mom's love. Hehe.. the grilled chicken really looks good!!

  8. I am more interested on the sushis... hehehe :)

  9. living in alone is always quick and easy food.. back home then different story... hehehe... I was also like that those days.. :p

  10. merryn: so tonight is yummy food??? :)

    sweetwitch: I dare not think what she consumes there.. hahaha..

    cyn: guess we miss our mom's food, right?

    hayley: now she makes me learn how to eat those too..

    irene: mine one still a long way to go! :)

  11. well college life is sure is stressing i think,
    good thing she had those scrumptious food she's now ready to go back for another round at school haha

  12. The grilled chicken look so tempting to me.

  13. mecoy: yes.. and she is also fussy about the food there..

    kathy: yes, madam!! :)

    vicky: too much for me.. :)

  14. ahhh. i can understand her appetite. the food at this place looks really, really good! would love to taste the creamy grilled chicken! yummmmm. =)


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