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Hot And Spicy Pan Mee Is Now In Ipoh

The shop is called "Lak Yat Lak" in Cantonese and in English, it is popularly known as Chilli Pan Mee. I have heard much of this spicy pan mee in Klang valley but little did I know that it has come to Ipoh. But whether it is the same branch or not, I have yet to find out. If not for Elin who informed me of this new shop, I would never know that the pan mee in hot chillies is now in Greentown Business just opposite the Maxis center.... 
From the menu, there were quite a number of pan mee prepared in different styles...
Elin and I opt for their Special Pan Mee which is listed on the most top...
It came with a half boiled egg and we have to mix everything up...
oh, for non-spicy lovers like me, do take away the chillies from the bowl
otherwise you will get the "hot air" coming out from your nostrils!  hahahaaa...
It came with a small bowl of soup with very minimum leafy vegetables..
The bowl of hot pan mee would be better if they give more leaves....
After a bowl of hot and spicy pan mee, I could feel my heart "burning"
Then I remember that I had a box of Lemon & Ginger tea from Singapore..
Just nice to "cool" down the spicyness inside my body...
Are you into "spicyness" or a "non-spicy"


  1. Not a fan of pan mee... No prices? Expensive kah?

  2. This food specialty would be hard for me to pronounce! What does it consist of? When you say the name, what kind of food does that mean?

  3. can never take that, or else my stomach will strike, haha!! still prefer the original ones lah..

  4. stp: aiyah..forgot to put pricing.. it cost only RM4.50 per bowl.. special edition one.. hahaha...

    ginny: it consists of noodles with fried anchovies, some minced meat and a half boiled egg.. :)

  5. interesting dish its looks kinda yummy to me

  6. I had this in Penang. I love the spicy version.

  7. Am a great fan of chilli pan mee. Craving for it now!!!....

  8. looks good and will try it when back in Ipoh

  9. I prefer less spicy. Everytime when I take hot spicy food, I will sweat a lot, friend will start to laugh at me.

  10. I preferred the hot soupy mee hoon keuy... more original and the noodles more springy!

  11. andrew: and now they have it in Ipoh..

  12. irene: too hot for me though.. hmm..

    mecoy: minus the chilli, it is yummy for me too..

    sp: hope you like it!

  13. vicky: i dont sweat but I feel the hot hot in my body..

    chris: this one is also springy.. you will like this!

    ling: a spicy person are you? :)

  14. yuiks the portion for the vege is really small wor. Not like in KL

  15. Non spicy and with soup for Bananaz haha

  16. kathy: yeah.. just one mouthful and that's it..

    bananaz: so u r not a spicy man! :)


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