Sunday, December 23, 2012

Thank You For The Presents!

During this Christmas season, I have received a number of gifts and most of them were already opened by yours truly here.. I cannot wait till Christmas to open the presents I received.. "unbearable patience!" I call it... but of course before I opened them, I will take a picture of these pressies with their "dress on."

Besides the presents I received, there are a few cards sent to me by some bloggers and friends, I really want to thank them too.. STP, Mandy, Kristy, Lee among a few... :) 
The gifts I received were already opened... 
Can you guess what they are?   Silly question.. hahahaa... .
Anyway, no matter how big or small..
How pricey or cheap...
I am indeed touched by your gifts and cards..
Thank you!!


  1. So many Christmas presents. Truly blessed. It is always the thoughts that counts. Merry Christmas to you & family. Big hugs to you!!!....

  2. Don't open! Save it for Christmas. More interesting that way. Otherwise, there will not be anything to look forward to anymore.

  3. wow that a lot of present claire
    but i must say i have no idea what's on it haha

  4. irene: thank you for your hugs!!! I felt them.. hahaha...

    stp: oh oh.. unless u give me one now.. i wont open it.. hahaha..

    mecoy: watch out for my next posts.. hahaa..


Thank you, readers!

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