Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Chiropractor Is What I Need

One of my nephews is interested in taking up a Chiropractic course when the results of his O levels comes out in a couple of months.  What actually is chiropractic?  According to the information I gather here in the Internet, the term Chiropractic is a form of complementary and alternative treatment to prevent disorders of neuromusculoskeletal system in our body.  The one who perform manual treatment and practice is called a Chiropractor and they normally practice manual therapy on the manipulation of the spine.
Another source I read is from the Stockton chiropratic, Dr. Christopher Schlenger who uses his years of experience and training to help relieve low back pain, neck pain and other bodily spine and nervous system.  Before the treatment, Dr. Schlenger will make some assessment on our current physical condition, providing necessary spinal adjustments, supportive therapies, some education on the way we exercise, nutrition and stress management.   Well, this is interesting, I have often complained of backaches here and there and now I know what I need - A Chiropractor!


Thank you, readers!

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