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A Nightmare For Computer Addicts

I have three computers at home... one 5 years old desktop, 4 years old netbook and a 3 years old laptop.... and tonight the nightmare began.....

My desktop "retired" a week ago, when I switched it on last week, there was non stop sound coming "tut, tut, tut......" and I have to switch it off... tried many times switching it on and off... no avail... the heartbeat "tut tut" could only be heard....

Then just tonight, my laptop failed to load too... when I switched it on, it could only "breathe" for around 15 seconds, then it turned into blackness again... and again.. and again... Another weak heart case like the desktop....

Sigh... that leaves me the small netbook... gotten free from TM last time... Small screen, got to squint my eyes, cannot upload pictures fast... got to wait for minutes... so might as well, don't upload any tonight....

A time to rest my eyes, I guess...

Is this a "nightmare" for "computer addicts" for those like Yours Truly here?  The answer is in your hands....

I rest my case....


  1. Get a new one first thing tomorrow :)

  2. Haha hint hint already, time for a new canggih one~

  3. at least got 3 comp! i only have one now! :(

  4. yea, maybe it's time for a new one..

  5. My newly bought lappy alo conked out last week. I am currently using the TM netbook too...

  6. now rm500 got a netbook liao in lowyat~

  7. Desktop wanna reborn as 'tut tut' and wishes to be transported to Hatyai or Bangkok. Laptop kena pneumonia which is an infection of the HDD that is caused by bacteria or viruses. Remedy is pour a whole bottle of cough drop over the keyboard..Quack Dr Bananaz

  8. Yup, get a new one. For people like us who do not do much other than blogging or maybe, skype with kids...a simple one will do and they do come very cheap these days.

  9. I am so sorry, some people just have bad luck with computers. My son and his family had the keys fall off their computer. They got a new one and the cat threw up on the keyboard. Maybe you need an iPad?

  10. Sorry to hear that. Get a brand new one for your case. Try to look around at Yik Foong. Lot of deals there :)

  11. then you can have a good rest too ..

  12. inspiredmom: first thing, get it repaired.. see can or not first.. :(

    hayley: $$$ flying away.. hahahaa

    henry: 2 out of 3 are retiring.. sigh..

  13. wenn: never had a new laptop before.. hahaha...

    pam: hey, how come so fast? what brand?

  14. mrlonely: netbook too small for auntie's eyes la.. :)

    bananaz: thank you Dr. Quack!! hahaha...

    stp: you are right.. we dont use much features actually...

    ginny: oh how awful! need to get a new one or clean up real fast...

  15. andrew: I never been there for years!

    sp: yeah yeah..slowing down... :)

  16. Claire..maybe it is time to get another new one again..since it is a new year now.

  17. mery: thinking about the $$ flying..

    Smallkucing: bloggers' nightmare, right?

  18. Good thing is you can get a new one! hehe think of the positive side :D

  19. juin: i repaired it already.. hahaa..


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