Saturday, January 26, 2013


All these advertisements on  Cheap Via-gra.. online pharmacy V-Gra and whatever Wai-Goh you want to promote....  PLEASE ADVERTISE SOMEWHERE ELSE AND GET OFF MY BLOG!

If not for someone who made me aware of these comments in my old posts, these Anonymous  on these V drugs are still having their "hey-day" and free advertisement in my blog posts.

Does anyone of you have these spam comments each day?  All the drugs concerning this V-graare "infesting" my old posts and I was not aware of these comments till recently.  To avoid them from coming in, I clicked my settings to Only Registered users can comment ... but the setback is that, some of my friends who have no account, were not able to comment in my blog posts.

So... may I ask what is the best way to solve and "kick out" these Adnonymous advertising V-gra in my posts?  Each day I have to go to the Comments page to delete and there are more than ten each time.  Really irritating....

I do not want to moderate my comments, that is extra work for me too...

What should I do?  Any suggestions?


  1. Guess at the meantime you need to set it to 'only registered users only'. After some time, you may get back to your normal setting.

  2. I did not receive such comments, but I did receive spams on something else, which is also very annoying!

    Yea, can do like what wenn said, for the time being.

  3. wenn: does that work? I have tried for a few days only.. and they came back after I click everyone ...

    hayley: i didnt know till i check the dashboard cos they post on the older posts..not the current ones..

  4. I put the setting to moderation after 2 days. So your friend can comment on your new post and all the comments on your old post will go into moderation. That way it will not be publish without your consent and you can decide to publish it or not. I do received some SPAM comments from time to time.

  5. these spams usually post comments on older posts.. I've got them every week too, my blog not as popular as yours so lesser.. what I do, and I find quite useful..
    1) require moderation for posts older than 14 days
    2) enable automatic spam detection, I guess it's enabled by default
    3) I open to all to comment, no moderation, no word verification - this is to simplify commenting by real readers

    ps: no point scolding them because they are programmed written to post spams on random blogs only, they are not human comments.. :p

  6. gertrude: I wonder whether blogger has this feature.. moderation after two days? let me check...

    sk: thanks for your suggestions.. i must check out the moderation part.. yes, these are not comments by bloggers.. auto-comments randomly I suspect.. all on drugs and wai goh..

  7. well, i also facing everyday, can print screen let you see already got 10,000 in my deleted mail~ LOL~
    the only way to clear it was set your comment into typing moderation in order to post. but i had disable it and therefore i still can't find way to delete it too~ if you found one~ tell me too~ =D

  8. happened to me b4. and 'they' struck again now. what i did b4 was just remove it to spam folder then report spam. after that no more disturb.

  9. Change your settings to not allow anonymous comments. (You can also request that comments on posts older than five days or so need approval first.) That's how mine is set up and I only get a couple spam comments a year.

  10. Oh how iccky!!! I have never seen any here, but I do not read your other comments, I just post my own and leave. I have not had any of these, and the only thing I could think is comment moderation. But everyone hates that and almost no one uses it anymore. Blogger is supposed to have a good spam filter. I think there is a way you can actually go into blogger and complain and report them.

  11. I saw this in a friend's blog when I clicked to check out an old post - all the spam, lots!!! Dunno if he is aware of it or not. Hopefully, Akismet has managed to block all of mine...

  12. me too.. I turned moderation on after a 'old' post, so it will appear in the dashboard when I go blogger to do cleaning. And I suggest, for those who really want to comment, should just get a google account (which is super useful if got one).

  13. Guess its part and parcel of life if you love roses gotta bear with the thorns.

  14. mrlonely: only registered users can comment now.. sigh..

    ayu: it works like that? thanks.. let me try...

    alex: can we request that way too? let me check it out.. thanks!

    ginny: yes, any anonymous comments, they should transfer it to spam...

    stp: these annoying comments only spam the older posts, that is the problem.. i can only see them when i go to my dashboard and click comments... all in old posts mostly... didnt know i was advertising for Vgra all these while..

  15. cynthia: not everyone has a blog or email account.. anyway, now i have click to only registered users can comment for now..

    bananaz: you made it sound so nice... cannot have two sides of the coins, right? but it is a chore to delete more than 50 spams per day...

  16. Yes Claire follow sk advice. mine one is more than 2 days then moderate the comments.

    this spam is with link. dangerous leh. can cause your blog to b suspended coz its link your blog with spamming blog

  17. kathy: oh gosh.. now i have set it to only registered users... hope they wont suspend my blog..

  18. I get this DAILY. Almost every 5 or so hours. On my blog, I have made posting as Anonymous an option and I don't even have CAPTCHA activated so that's probably why. You can add CAPTCHA or limit the ways to comment (just like how it is now). That should help. These are all SEO contractors. I would know, I've done this as part of my work before. And we never just create accounts on sites just for the sake of commenting. We only went for being able to post anonymous or adding a name and url. It can be such a black hat SEO method.

  19. Oh yes, I know what you mean. It's very frustrating. I use Akismet to sieve them out before they appear on my blog. Sometimes a few hundreds a day! So far so good. On that sometimes blogger friend's comment also went into my spam box. Seldom happen though.


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