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Big Bang On My Car And His Car

I was rushing for time this morning... my friend called me at 10am to pick her up and I was just getting ready to go out at that time.  Late!  Late!

With the car radio music on and my cell phone ringing non-stop, my mind was like "turmoil" while I was reversing my car... I didn't hear my "reverse button" beeping non stop but I definitely could hear the Big Bang sound ... OH DEAR!!

My car bumper hit my neighbour's car alright!! 
Not really a serious damage actually.  Despite the loud bang, he didn't realize that I knocked his car till I told him during the evening.  If I didn't tell him, maybe I could have got away from paying? hahhaha... No, I won't do that... the guilty conscience will be there each time I see the "injury" on his car...

Well, whatever it is, I got to pay for the damages... told him to send me the bill when he has repaired his car...  sigh... $$$ flying away....

Moral of story:  Do not rush yourself no matter what.. concentrate on what you are doing and remember not to switch on the music too loud while driving or should I say "reversing?" 


  1. ooopps well the good thing is, its just a minor accident and most especailly your safe,

  2. Oh no you closed the Dragon year with a big bang eh. Take it easy lucky no physical damage.

  3. Oh dear. I'm sorry this happened to u Claire but glad u r ok. Take care yeah. CNY coming soon..

  4. :( Aiyo... nid to repair...gonna cost quite a bit, it seems.

  5. I think the bang wasn't too bad, just be careful next time.
    'por choy tong joi'..

  6. aiyoh never mind never mind.. this is a good sign for a prosperous chinese new year!! sure you will huat huat huat enough for the new year~~ :)

  7. mecoy: yes.. money spent is fine as long as no bodily injury..

    bananaZ: yeah..this is the consolation.. hahaha...

    merryn: yes, madam!! thanks!

  8. cleff: i wait for the bill tomorrow..

    hayley: yeah..really por chor one.. hahaha..

    sk: hahaha..sing lei kwai leen..

  9. oh dear, I experienced that before. I was reversing and knocked a moving motorbike. Money gone too as I had to send him to the doc.

  10. hmm, need spend a lot of money to repair lo~

  11. Oh no, bad luck! But maybe this is exactly what is needed to stop him from parking there! : )

  12. So sorry, Claire!!! Whenever I rush, something bad happens. We both need to not rush, nothing good ever comes of it, and it really does not save that much time. Well, it was your fault, BUT he should NOT have been parked there in the first place!!! Too bad, the fair thing would be for the both of you to split the cost.

  13. Oh no!!! Well, you have one neighbour, I have TWO!!! Both of them across the road will park their cars by the roadside, directly in front of my gate. Have to be aware of it whenever I reverse out...and once in a while, I would forget and ALMOST hit one of the cars. Thank goodness I've been far.

    I really wonder how or why they can be so inconsiderate. If once in a while when the need arises, I can understand but not every day. Actually they have cemented their garden - no grass...and a lot of space to park the cars inside the house compound but they would not want to do that. God is all seeing, all knowing - one day, they will get their due reward!!!!

  14. You can not turn back time and yo uare disapppointed in what happened. These things are however unavoidable. It is only material damage but it costs money. Don't blame yourself. Head up.


  15. wenn: that is scary too, huh..

    mrlonely: yeah.. more than 2 hundred definitely..

    foong: that is what i hope too!

    ginny: he wont split the cost, i am sure of that.. cos i m the one who hit his car.. :(

  16. stp: sometimes I think they want to convenient themselves at other people's expense.. sigh.. if i were to sound out, then surely not nice already.. they might say, "the road belongs to you ah?" so this is the consequence.. hopefully after this, he wont park at the same place again.

    filip: alright!! Heads up!! hahaha..

    shereen: Yes! :)

  17. yuppp shudnt rush! u are shooting for the movie "Rush Hour" =p

  18. Oh dear, sorry to hear about it. No car would park in front of my house... because my house is facing the road, hehehe!

    But I experienced similar incident like yours in my office, I guess the radio was switched on a tad loud and I didn't realize my colleague's car was behind me :( Luckily I managed to stop in time.

  19. henry: mine has many sequels already.. hahaha..

    yvonne: yes, never on the radio music loud loud.. the beeping couldnt be heard.. this is my lesson..

  20. actually it is true..
    don't rush and be patient....
    sometime just call up and say that you will be late..

  21. Luckily not very big damage. Settle without lodge any police report and get summon, save time also. Learn a lesson here, never witch the radio too loud.

  22. I banged at someone car park opposite my house too, because it was just a minor bang, and no one came out to check, so I just ignore and continue my journey. Heheheh!

  23. I tell you WHY your neighbor doesn't like to park his car in front of his own house, if he has ANOTHER car, then that's because it's difficult for him to drive in and reverse out (not enough space).

    If he's not a honest neighbor, he'll send you an inflated fake bill, just to earn more for the coming CNY. :(

    Sad. My $$ also flying out because of what happened to my car recently. Super sad. Expensive lesson.

  24. sp: yeah.. I was very wrong this time..

    vicky: neighbour neighbour no need to report.. hahaha...

    yan: hehehe... mine also same case.. he doesnt know but i went to tell him.. silly hor!

  25. irene: oh oh, i hope he is not like that..charging higher than what it actually cost..

    kathy: actually he is not that bad.. :)

  26. Claire, got buy lottery or not. Maybe is one ONG sign.eheheheh

    Not to worry since it was just a minor damage. Money can always find again. Most important no injury

  27. Ling, never buy one leh.. never mind, as long as got paid posts to do also as great! hahaha...


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