Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dinner At TAO Cuisine Penang Times Square

To celebrate Andy's golden day, we went to Tao Cuisine in Berjaya Times Square in Penang. This is our first time going there but before I booked this, I have made some "research" on their website.. hahaaa... (this mom is very kiasu one!)

Being "kiasu" kids and I reached the place before 6.30pm to grab the "early birds" discount rate.. hehehe... I think it cost around RM65 per person.

This Tao consists of mainly Japanese food with a wide range of choices either from the menu or buffet style. So..what did we attack on? Mainly fish.. cod and salmon.. they are really fresh, just as what is written in their website.. quality and freshness!
Ambience was beautiful... not brightly lit up..
I didn't take much pictures of the food...
too busy being a "glutton" then!! 
mainly salmon... grilled scallops...
teriyaki salmon.. 
cod fish... 
among the choices we ordered from the menu..
plus herbal soup, soft crabs, fresh oysters... etc etc.... 
oh gosh! 
Let's not think of the cholesterol and the weight gain!
A picture before we really start "attacking" the food..
After that, no time to take pictures!
Hands too busy and mouths too full...

Tao cuisine


  1. I have tried Tao at Auto City, never been to this one though.

    Nice picts Claire~

  2. RM65 person? *faints* And that's the discounted price...what's the normal? That's a Chinese place, right? Food does not seem Japanese to me. Abalone!!! Can't eat that anymore...ever since I lost all my molars!!! Sobsssssss!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, awesome food. Cod fish looks so fresh. Love it heaps. Nice family gathering.

  4. Bananaz tak Tao pergi la..Wow lovely cod fish caught my attention. Semua seafood OK for Bananaz who is on a 'seefood' diet chiak whatever he sees. Can Bananaz be your godson his birthday approaching very soon?

  5. i like Tao Cuisine but haven try Penang one before~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  6. waaa....worth eating and you make me hungry and salivating going to bed...wrong timing to read this post;p

  7. scrumptious dinner for the whole family..nice

  8. hayley: i heard the auto city one is not bad too...

    irene: once awhile fine to go.. hahaha..

    stp: this abalone not the rubbery type .. sure u can eat if i can.. mine also same problem.. teeth not strong already but this type is digestible.. :)

    bananaz: Call me kai ma on your birthday.. hahahaa..

    elin: one day i take you there.. ok? :)

    wenn: yeah.. scrumptious.. and sumptuous too! :)

  9. I have never seen abalone till now! Only the shells that they make into pretty jewelry. But I LOVE the pictures of you and Andy and your girl!!!

  10. we also have TAO over here, but of course more expensive than RM65 lah.. without the early bird discounts how much you were supposed to pay??

    hmmmm, come to think about it, why should early bird given discounts?? they have more time to eat.. only late comers should have given discounts since they have less time to eat.. make sense?? :D

  11. ginny: Abalone are expensive over here and I believe those are from the tin cans and not those fresh from the sea.. :)

    sk: now that you asked me, I am giving it some thoughts.. why leh? hmmmm...something to ponder.. must ask those studying business strategies people.. :)

  12. well i think those were pretty yummy foods but quite few tho hahaha

  13. never been there before. Mahal wor. But this one special occasion so tak apa la :)

  14. kathy: yeah.. once a blue moon.. :)

    mecoy: i didnt take all the pictures.. too many.. :)


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