Thursday, January 24, 2013

Japan Memories

My kids and I love to travel together, even though they are now grown up, two of them past 20 years of age, we still make plans to go for trips together, as one family.  Deep inside I know that one day they will have their families and going for travels will not be as convenient as it is now.  Knowing this, I hope to go traveling with my kids as often as I can and one of our most memorable trips is our Korea and Japan vacation.   

Just a couple of years ago, we made our first winter trip, enjoying the snow especially at the ski resort.   I remember the scenery up on the mountain was really spectacular, my kids had the time of their lives learning how to ski for the first time.  After some basic introduction on skiing, they had a very enjoyable time skiing and falling.  LOL... My second son even commented that he does not mind taking up one of the ski resort jobs and working throughout the winter!   

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