Monday, February 11, 2013

A Simple CNY Reunion Dinner

Our CNY reunion dinner is an important event.. each year we have our dinner at my in-law's place, even though now my parents-in-law have passed on, we still keep the tradition going cos this is the only time that everyone from all sides of the country gathers together...

Though our family members are not really big but when it comes to cooking for 14 people, it is no easy task....  I wonder how my parents' in law or my own mother managed to cope up with so many dishes all these years... Really must salute to them... 

As my parents' in law is not around anymore, I had to "chip in" something for the reunion dinner and all I could contribute is just one special dish... hahahha... the rest of the credit goes to my sister-in-law... 
She made some crab meat soup
similar to the "shark fin" taste..
mixed vegetables
steamed chicken 
braised sea cucumbers, mushrooms, oysters...
Can you guess which dish I contributed?  :)
Our simple reunion dinner 2013


  1. mixed vegetables is easier to cook..

  2. kathy: ngam!!

    chris: where were you???

    wenn: yes.. easy and healthy too..

    ken: Thank you! Same to you too!

  3. aside to the foods and the joy celebration has to offer it is togetherness that makes it more memorable and special

  4. It all looks very good, she is a good cook! I would love to taste it. I do not have a clue which dish you made. But I bet it was wonderful!

  5. I don't know which one you cooked but all looks so good. Let the celebration begins. Nice family shot.

  6. You cooked the mixed vegetables...

  7. Wah!!! So "simple".

  8. Simple but so warm ya! =)

    Happy CNY Claire, gong hei fatt choy~

  9. Wish you & your family a very Happy New Year!!!

    Hope you all had good time together :)

  10. Thank you all.. I am trying to update my posts from today onwards.. wishing you all have a great time too!

  11. Nice dishes not too much meat..we normally have so much meat until 2nd day 26 jelak already haha

  12. My reunion is real simple too this year. 1st time no abalone & shark's fin in my entire life! Hahaha!

  13. that's a lot of food for the 4 of u!!
    It's very meaningful to be together during CNY.


Thank you, readers!

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