Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chilling Out On A Saturday Night

Another night out chilling with my friends at Frens (or is it Frenz or Friends) in old town, Ipoh... After dinner at AEON Station 18, we met up with a few friends to have a drink... that place is famous for beer and more beer.. but too bad, I don't like to drink that, if it is not bitter but sweet, then it would be a different story. :)
my first time sitting here in this open air place...
watching football, drinking and chatting..
(they call it Chilling Out?)
Then suddenly heard the "Dong Chang, Dong Chang.... " drumming...
And to our amusement and surprise... we saw them.... 
They came round each table to give out "Golden Packets" and 
well wishes to all the patrons....courtesy by Carlsberg... 
(if I am not mistaken)
Around 11pm or so, we left the place and headed back to our homes...
And thus... a very late post tonight... 
My Saturday Night Out Chilling.. LOL...


  1. great to chill out on a saturday night. I dislike beer too as to me, it's bitter..

  2. Wow, high drama! Who are the people giving out the packets? Are they well known? Glad you got a picture of it all!

  3. Wahhhhh!!!! Chai Sern tao!!!!

    That's the God of Prosperity, Ginny. Claire is going to be real prosperous, very very rich this year.... Perhaps her girl will get a scholarship - that's like a windfall.

    Good luck, Claire!

  4. Echo Wenn beer is bitter too. Just like when as a kid can't bite even a single piece of bitter gourd it was so bitter but now different can tahan the bitterness and no longer bitter at all So hopefully when Bananaz grow up further can tahan the bitter beer lolz

  5. That was a nice night outing Sure you will prosper this year as you get to meet God of Prosperity.

  6. choi san yeh ~ wish you have a prosperous year~

  7. Wah, so fast giving out the packets already! Good way of attracting crowds. Sorry for not coming by recently, been so busy. I'll try to catch up your old posts before I get stuck again. Lol!

  8. wow thats cool and a very clever way of attracting customers

  9. wenn: yeah, i dont know how to enjoy drinking beer too!

    ginny: Chinese always want well wishes such as prosperity.. hahaha..

    stp: Yes, I need that.. but today i got a blue black elbow instead.. hahaha..

  10. sharon: around 6 to 7 of them.. :)

    bananaz: hehee..u r young boy.. so wait some more years first la..

  11. irene: today got blue black elbow only.. hahaha..

    shirley: it is ok.. you are such a busy lady! :)

    mecoy: a token of appreciation.. hehee..

  12. What was inside the red packets actually? Lottery tickets?


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