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Teochiew Food For Thursday Ladies

I realized my handphone was missing when I wanted to call my girl around 6pm... oh dear, where did I put it??? Knowing me, either I left it in the office or I dropped it in my own car... I made a call to my own hp, nope, not in the car...

Since it is Ladies' night for dinner, I suggested to my friends that I would take them to my office to retrieve my hp and then adjourned for dinner straight after that... I dare not go up to my office alone.. it was dark and raining too... Thank goodness my iPhone was in my drawer...phew......

By then, it was already 7.30pm... time to fill our stomach with food..... and I took my friends here for our dinner... Teochiew Restaurant!
 A special dish in this Teochiew Restaurant is 
Steamed Pumpkin!
It was steaming hot when served..... BEST!
Inside the pumpkin are small chunky ribs...
we ordered steamed eggs with minced meat....
not sure this is purely teochiew or not... :)
But I know this one is...
Claypot vegetables... a bit sourish, a bit spicy...
I like it!
For the three of us, the food was just beautiful!  I mean .. just Enough...
Teochiew Restaurant is an open air concept place.. 
Popular is their Teochiew Steamboat too...
Heard that the soup is kind of sourish.. something different...
By the time we left the place, all the tables were occupied...
Okay, as for the price... it was fantastic!
My friends guessed that it was around RM60 ...
But they were wrong... the food only cost RM41.00!!
hmmm...what more can I say....   :)

Here is the address if you want to drop by,
Restoran Teochiew
No. 10-Q, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak
(Maxwell Road, 30100 Ipoh
Tel : 05-5063299
(Closed on Tuesday)


  1. hahaha... next time u gotta keep calm and slowly refresh back ur mind on where u last put down ur phone. Anyway im not really a fan of teow chew food. Prefer cantonese! :D

  2. this auntie very funny lah, put her phone inside the drawer?? hahaha.. no wonder will have it left behind lah..

    huh?? the steam egg with minced meat is teochew specialty?? i am teochew kia, how come i don't know this?? :D

  3. maybe next time can hang the phone around your neck, sure won't forget :)

    Nice food there with affordable price!

  4. henry: Yes Sir! I need to do that! :)

    sk: i am also teochiew and my mom loves to do this.. not sure teochiew or not.. but what i love, i order.. :)

    andrew: dont wan to hang it la.. not nice one! :)

  5. luckily you put yr phone in the drawer and didn't drop it elsewhere.
    the food looks great even though I haven't tried teochiew food before.

  6. it was cutely and unique serve huh

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Sounds great and looks great, too. I am glad you finally found your phone!

  9. So cheap! How many people? Why scared to go to office alone? So early in the day, the ghosts have not come out yet lah. LOL!!!

  10. This is a nice write up. We don't have opportunities to eat good Teochew food in Miri. Our city is more Hakka and Cantonese.

  11. wenn: the restaurant is called teochiew.. heard the steamboat is different too..

    mecoy: yeah.. something different..

    ginny: yeah..cannot leave home without it..

  12. stp: not scared of ghosts la.. scared of humans!! nowadays nowhere is safe! oh, the meal was for 3 of us..

    sarawakiana: i love to try all different type of food if possible! hahaha..

  13. First time see the steamed pumpkin in this way, hehe...

  14. That is real cheap. Somemore still CNY time. I am also a Teochew. High Five!!....My mum used to cook the claypot vegetables. Love them heaps.

  15. my grandma was Teochew but never did I recall eating dishes like this.. hehehe...

  16. Claire, I never like pumpkin but the goodness places inside the pumpkin is fantastic!

  17. yet to see many places serving the steamed pumpkin like the one you had. but that is certainly a yummy dish. had something like that when we visited ipoh some time back but am not sure if that is the same place we went to.

  18. sharon: very creative, right? :)

    irene: *high 5!*

    cyn: we youngsters do not know i guess.. hehehe..

    ling: oh, you should try one day.. hehe..

    missy: i am also not sure where else serve this pumpkin.. me also first time trying.. :)

  19. First time seeing this pumpkin dish with small chunky ribs quite unique Teowchew dish. Why your teowchew nang and SK teowchew nang not same one? Who is more pure then gotta see the butt haha.

  20. The price is so affordable! The pumpkin looks yummy! Was the flesh of the pumpkin all eaten up by you three?


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