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Blessed Easter To Commemorate An Anniversary

A very nice sunny Sunday Morning when we went to church for Easter... a day to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day He was buried. After church we took our first meal of the day in Perak Stadium food court, losing a lot of calories there instead of adding and it happened because of the Hot Sun, it was like having a "Sauna" in the midst of eating. Anyway, I welcome the heat anytime instead of the rain, at least my girl's two weeks "laundry" could be dried fast under the beautiful sun before she leaves for college again this evening... LOL... And it was during this hot weather that we went to pay our respects to my parents-in-law in the St Michael church where they were cremated during the year 2010. Spent some minutes there and after that, we adjourned to another cemetery in Tambun Road where my kids' father was laid. There was a vacant lot next to my husband's... and after some prayers said, we left for home

Fitness Holidays on the Beach: Ultimate European Resorts

While beach holidays are never something to be sniffed at, being able to combine them with fitness holidays gives you the best of both worlds. Life at home may be hectic and, although you’re registered to that gym down the road, because of your busy schedule, you can’t remember the last time you managed to go there. If this sounds like you, a little activity in your vacation could be just what’s needed to help you feel invigorated. With so many fitness opportunities when you book into a beach club, it could mean the perfect break from the rat race for you.    Alternatively, perhaps you want to get a little fitter and need a bit of a kick up the behind to get out and do it? There’s nothing more inspirational and motivational than working out and sampling fitness courses in destinations that don’t include drab dreary weather and the dull four walls of a gymnasium. Beginning your quest for health in a beautiful European resort could be all you need to turn over a new leaf. 

The Best Of Three

At this moment of time, I am waiting for Andy to reach Ipoh... he is on the way back from Penang and from his phone call, the highway was quite jammed up especially coming out from Georgetown. I expected as much, it is Good Friday today, it coincides with chinese "All Souls Day" aka Ching Ming and thirdly, school is going to reopen on Monday. After a heavy dinner at my mom's place, I am yearning for some desserts now... as I rummaged through my photo folder, I found these....  Baskin Robbins Yogurt ice cream which I took last weekend...   McDonald sundae...   and this is Pumpkin Barley... Which do you prefer to have at the moment?  Well, as for me, I am very greedy! I would love to have All Three Now!  

Ipoh Waller Court Chee Cheong Fun

It has been a long while since I last tasted the Waller Court Chee Cheong Fun (flat white noodles with special sauce) and I kind of missed it. So this early morning I made a trip there to satisfy the hunger... this stall is situated opposite a coffeeshop and I have to "shout" CHEE CHEONG FUN to the boss to make an order.... Most times he can hear me... :) that proves I have a loud voice! And this coffeeshop served a special dessert today... Water chestnut boiled with white fungus...  Very nice and it cost only RM1.50! Fast forward to evening... I love to eat this.... By the way, do you know what it is? Can guess?

Surprise Visit From K-Blogger Family

I received a surprised pleasant call at around 12.30 saying that they will be reaching IPOH around 1pm, just nice for LUNCH... and the first place that came to my mind was Houston Cafe! I wanted them to try the Assam Fish Head.... however, due to my blunder of leaving out the word "Assam" when I ordered, this Claypot Curry Fish Head came out instead... haiyah! First time I tried this curry style... but I still prefer the Assam taste... more appetizing! This one above is for those "spicy hot" lovers... LOL... Next time I must remember to say "Assam Fish Head!"   Next not to be missed is the Mango Kerabu...   followed by half steamed chicken dipped with.... lots of minced ginger! Blends very well with the meat definitely.... Lastly and not least, this is also something new to me... Crispy Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Eggs Very crunchy with a dash of bitterness... YUM! and now... who is this here???? Our potent

Cooling Pad For My Old Faithful

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I went to the IT fair with the hope of buying an iPad for myself to replace my 5 year old Dell laptop.  But somehow or rather, I didn't manage to get it, thanks to my girl... she said she will "lend" it to me when I go for a short holiday next month.  So nice of her...  Eventually I ended up buying this for my faithful Lappy.....   There was a range of cooling pads for sale,  prices ranging from RM8 to RM60... of course the quality comes with the price... the more expensive it is, the better features it has... As for me, I bought this cheapskate RM18 only... and my son told me that it was still too expensive... I was told that in future, he will buy whatever technology stuff I need... All I got to do is to become AN ATM MACHINE! hahahaa....

Investment Course In Tower Regency

It was a half day course in Tower Regency and I was more than pleased to attend the so-called "How To Save And Invest" course.    Beautiful deco at the lobby of Tower Regency We attended our Investment course here in this Regency Ballroom....   We were the early birds... Nothing nice about the doorgift.. just a recycle bag... and breakfast was served at 10am with just some plain fried noodles and one type of dessert... disappointed...cos I was very hungry by then..   During the interval, I walked around and took some pictures... some greens to soothe the eyes..... I wonder what building this is....till now I cannot imagine...  maybe it is the hospital quarters.... Nothing attractive actually... well, as I said, just to pass time..... and after half hour or so, the Investment course resumed... By the end of the half day course,  I wonder what I have "absorbed"... Practically nothing... LOL...

Sweating For Food In Gunong Rapat

I had another bout of "sauna" again this weekend, this "sweating endlessly" is not done under the appointment of a beautician... but perspiring under the Ipoh sun in Gunong Rapat again! See, nothing stops me... but I think this is it! Two times consecutively within a week is enough... not encouraged to take so often, right?  (especially for age group people like me here.....) this time I wanted to try their "steamed sotong" and it was presented like this.... the "kangkong" was perfectly made.. soft and nice..   how to resist not taking? Ok, for this time only....  Another not to missed is the fried stuff that the lady made..... For these plates, it cost RM11.... See what I meant by "sauna?" No fan... just a canvas roof topping.. see the crowd?   most of them order to take away... how to stand the hot sun in the afternoon? but for the sake of food, my patience was tested.. and they finally arrived af

Computer Accessories

There was a promotion IT fair in Ipoh Parade, yesterday was the last day of the fair and I heard that normally during the last day, a lot of free gifts would be given away.  Not wanting to be left out I went to the fair in the evening, the crowd was there, mingling and bargaining for some good buys.  I, for one ended up buying a cooling pad for my 5 year old Dell laptop.  Well, at least with the cooling pad, my laptop would not "turn off" by itself when it becomes too hot.  The next thing I wanted was an iPad actually, it is now so popular among the old and the young.  LOL... I went inside the shop and surveyed the prices, they are actually fixed prices except for the iPad covers.  The protective covers are pretty expensive.  Just now I came across some other accessories for the iPad, one of them is this alesis io dock, it has more functions and it looks pretty cool too.  But I guess it is pretty suitable for my son, he knows how to utilize all the functions there.  As for me

My Saturday Morning Itinerary

Another day is coming to an end soon, time really fast forward, don't you think so?  This morning I woke up quite early, 8.30am and I gave my "house watcher" a good shower... She loves it so when it comes to playing with water.  She will stand still for me to scrub her, massage her properly and spray the hose on her.  Isn't she adorable?  After that she will run around the garden in a frenzy mood! Love watching her doing that.... After doing some other household chores, it was almost 10.30am... time for me to go church for some practice.  Love the three hymns that was chosen by the pastor and thanks to the youtube, I managed to learn them up pretty er... well.  I hope I can still remember how to sing them during Maundy Thursday. I had my first meal of the day only at 11.20am... by then, my stomach was practically "growling." LOL... and with a hungry stomach, anything on the table served was all Good!  Pan mee noodles with dry sauce tha

Cycling Passion

One of my friends is crazy about cycling, he loves to cycle wherever he goes instead of driving.  Well, in a way, it is a great way of exercising actually and furthermore, if more of us cycles, we help to lessen the air pollution that is way out of hand nowadays.  Coming back to my friend's great passion for cycling, he joins the club and every weekend when he is off work, he will join the other members for cycling out of town, to enjoy the greens and the nature.  Yes, I believe that cycling is a healthy hobby.  I think I would like to take up cycling too and when I do, I sure need these softride bike racks to help me mount the bicycle to my car....  :)

Tids And Bits

There are days when I do not go out for lunch and instead I sit down quietly in the office and "snooze" ... but not until I have filled my stomach with something... hahaha...   There are days I buy a "pau" or dumpling from the canteen and make a hot drink of OATS... healthy, right?   but actually not so healthy la the dumpling is filled with spicy chicken... At times.. I would just take a bun... and enjoyed eating it while I surfed the Internet After that, I would ZZZzzzzz     Sometimes colleagues would bring some homemade foodstuff These cute "popiah" are filled with yam and "neen koh" (sticky glutinous rice) my Favourite... OK, I took 3 of that... *refrain.. refrain*  And then this morning, someone brought these to work... Steamed pumpkin cakes! Healthy and Nice for a change.... And as I was posing with these sweeties, I got distracted and looked away... Now I am wondering why..... hmmm....

Safety on Deck: Things to Consider

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a beach holiday in the Balearics or sailing on a cruise ship through the Caribbean Sea, your personal safety is always going to be of paramount importance.   While the crime rate may be lower than perusing the busy streets of a thriving capital city, you can never be too sure and, as always, it’s better to be safe than sorry.    Your personal safety is always going to be one of the main things you should consider when booking your holiday. Whether you’re aboard the Adventure of the Seas or strolling through a Turkish bazaar, as long as you have a bit of common sense and keep your wits about you, you can’t really go far wrong.  Use your Safe Anything you don’t need during your trip – passports, tickets, wads of cash – pop it all into the safe in your cabin and leave it there. It’s far safer doing this, than carrying it about on your person. Imagine if you left your bag somewhere on board and it wasn’t handed in? You could lose it all. 

Great Combination At Fai Kee In Perak Stadium

Nice sunny days in IPOH these days... in other words, the weather is "super hot" that one could get "sun stroke" if not careful... Must put on more sunblock on the face and hands before going out, you  know.  Anyway, compared to rainy days, I welcome the sun anytime..... Just look at blue sky with glimpses of  white clouds...   Ipoh is still good, can see the greens here and there...  and after capturing all these pictures, we reached our destination... Perak Stadium Food Court at Fai Kee Stall... For hot sunny days, porridge is a good choice, right?   Fish porridge with one added century egg.. RM8.00 What an unique combination!   And a bowl of sourish preserved vegetable soup with two pieces of meat patties.. This is best taken with the rice noodles...  RM5 Very appetizing indeed if you ask me.... For such a meal during a hot sunny day,  be prepared to be "sauna-nized" by the sun! LOL...

Fabulous Food In Gunong Rapat!

Yearning for some sourish food on a hot Sunday afternoon and suddenly I remember where the exact place to get this!! Yes!!  The Laksa from Gunong Rapat! Though the presentation was not so "attractive,"  the laksa soup was so irresistible.. *drool*   And as accompaniments, I chose these varieties! Well, there is no air conditioned or even a fan... but the place under the "yum-yum" tree is quite cooling...   Just a modest stall next to the Gunung Rapat hall... (same row with the school area)   this car caught my eye.. I think my girl will like her car to be painted like this.. LOL.. OK... what is this??  While I was taking the laksa, another stall was being opened... And this stall sells rojak and this crispy fried "Cucuk!"  The sauce was "out-of-the-world!!"   It was still Hot and the taste.....??? Oh... I wish I could have some of these now!! Well, another few more days to go... My ye

Some Images Of Old Town, Ipoh

From where I stood, I took some pictures around me...  Never before I notice these buildings properly though I pass them by almost daily...   What captivated my eyes was this building... For many years, it was an "eyesore"  but recently, it was beautifully maintained... It looks so classic now...   Hope they will make this as a Heritage Building... Along Sultan Yussuf.... another one of those Colonial buildings... wonder why they put up the leaves as "curtains"... from the inside...   from the exterior.....   and what is this?   yes.. in the 1960s...Monroe's time....   You will not miss this when you go through the alley.... at the side of Burps & Giggles....