Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Saturday Morning Itinerary

Another day is coming to an end soon, time really fast forward, don't you think so?  This morning I woke up quite early, 8.30am and I gave my "house watcher" a good shower... She loves it so when it comes to playing with water.  She will stand still for me to scrub her, massage her properly and spray the hose on her.  Isn't she adorable?  After that she will run around the garden in a frenzy mood! Love watching her doing that....

After doing some other household chores, it was almost 10.30am... time for me to go church for some practice.  Love the three hymns that was chosen by the pastor and thanks to the youtube, I managed to learn them up pretty er... well.  I hope I can still remember how to sing them during Maundy Thursday.

I had my first meal of the day only at 11.20am... by then, my stomach was practically "growling." LOL... and with a hungry stomach, anything on the table served was all Good!
 Pan mee noodles with dry sauce that comes with a bowl of spinach soup...
Enough energy to continue on with the day. till 2pm...
my second meal was in Gunong Rapat...


  1. I prefer pan mee in soup and with lots of sayur manis, ikan bilis and dip in cili and limau make me graving for one already..:D

  2. WOW, not a Saturday for laying around!!!!! You got a lot done. I wish I could hear you sing.

  3. Not a fan of pan mien. I think it's the fried ikan bilis - I find them not quite compatible with the noodles.

  4. Am a noodle fan and definitely I would love that bowl of it. Have a great weekend, Claire.

  5. you might want to share that song number to us claire

  6. We had chilli pan mee for lunch yesterday, my boy's favourite! The boy went for Aikido this morning, an artcraft workshop in the afternoon and now he wanted to go for a movie tonite!

  7. agnes: i am also craving for that too! hahaha...

    ginny: one day I send my youtube to you..hahaha..

  8. stp: oh.. for us here, it is a great combination. :) I love ikan bilis...

    wenn: once awhile for me...not so often.. :)

  9. mecoy: ok i will one day.. hahaha..

    inspiredmom: as usual, you have everything planned out good!

  10. How come there is no chili? Thought must have a lot, a lot of chili to make your pan mee more delicious. :p


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