Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eric Clapton's Concerts And Performances

Whenever I listen to this song, Tears In Heaven sung by Eric Clapton, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. 

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven
 Yes, I know I am being sentimental especially lyrics that remind me of my loss. I guess Eric Clapton and I have something in common, both of us have lost someone we love many years ago.  But as time goes by, I have come to accept that it does not bring happiness to wallow in self pity and neglect those who are still with us.

According to the information I gathered, Eric Clapton stopped playing this song in 2004, stating that he did not feel the loss anymore.  When he wrote this song, he really have to connect with the feelings that were there and now, they are kind of gone and he does not want them to come back.  I kind of agree with him, we have a choice in our lives, we can make it happen, to be happy or not to be.

Well, tonight's post is not about our loss but it is about Eric Clapton's tickets being sold here in StubHub.  Too bad I arranged my trip a month too soon, if only he performs in April and not in the month of May, then I would be able to make it!  :)   Maybe my nephew who is residing in Dublin might find some Eric Calpton tickets and attend one of his performances.  I am going to inform him about this entertainment website StubHub, one of the world's largest ticket marketplace, a platform to provide fans with all the information they need, from concerts, theatre to sporting events!

Now I am going to check on the events for the month of April in London.  Hope I can be able to watch one of my favourite singers LIVE on concert as what I had experienced when I was in Las Vegas!  It sounds a like dream, right?  Well, but then again, dreams do come true... at times! :)


  1. That's interesting! I would love to watch him sing too..

  2. I read a bit about Clapton's biography, it is very strange and he is a survivor. Yes, the song is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Wow, going to London!! Foe how long?? I hope you see a good show.

  3. Not really a fan though I don't mind the song. Got quite sick of them as many sang them every night during my karaoke days...

  4. think positively and some are there to make you stronger.. stay happy like you are always, and enjoy your trip in UK!! wow, so nice leh, you go makan angin again~~

  5. Wow wow, you're going kai kai again! Syok!

  6. Planning for another amazing family trip again. Stay happy always like the way you always be. Big hugs!!!!!

  7. wenn: me too! hahaha...

    ginny: a short holiday only.. cannot afford to take too long..

  8. stp: wahhh..u really a karaoke kaki.. me never heard anyone sang this before..

    sk: see jadi or not..hahaha..

  9. hayley: hahaha.. planning.. :)

    irene: u too..stay happy and healthy!

  10. hmmm i knew his name and some of his song and tears in heaven is one of the most heartfelt song ever written

  11. Eric Clapton is playing the American Airlines Center! I couldn’t find discount Eric Clapton tickets from the venue so have booked them online from! Still many tickets are available there!


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