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My Foot And My Food

After four days of rest, it is time for me to start work again tomorrow.  My foot is still a bit swollen and as long as I walk slowly without exerting much pressure, no playing badminton, no running, no jogging, no ascending hill, no long periods of walking.. my leg should be alright... hahahaa...

Justice My Foot!  
Reminds me of Chow Sing Chi 's movie... 
My beautiful FOOT..
The swell (in red) is smaller now...
and the bluish black getting "diluted"

I was also given some restrictions on food by the "sinseh"...  no eggs, no sourish food, no broccoli, no kai lan, no sabah leaves, other than these, my foot should be fine... hahahaa.... 
so NO egg tarts... NO wanton noodles....
and... Tonight's dinner... KFC Rice Combo...
I cannot recall how long it has been since I took KFC...
Coincidentally, Andy in Penang also took  the same meal this evening...
hmmmm...Like Mother Like Son....


  1. hmm just don't stress your feet too much claire not until it was totally okay

  2. It looks very painful, take care of it.


  3. Same here - this cannot eat, that cannot eat. Coincides with season of Lent so good time to do penance - must pay for all my sins of over-eating all this while.

  4. Let your feet rest more, and it should be ok. I dread the feeling of not able to eat what I want, but KFC also not bad for a meal. :)

  5. mecoy: no stress... just cannot run..

    filip: it is bearable actually :)

    stp: no more spring chicken, as u said? hahaha..

    andrew: not actually what I wanted but then at that moment of time, no choice..

  6. Claire, be good and listen to the sinseh ya. Wait till you fully recover, then you can eat whatever you desire.

    U Take care.

  7. Food restrictions until when? Well, considered 4 days it's very fast healing, praise God. Take it easy still, now's the best time to manja your colleagues and kids, hehe.

  8. aiyoh, be a good girl lah.. avoid all those "no-no" food and rest more.. let it recover fast and you can enjoy the food sooner~~

  9. Curious to know why cannot take brocolli & kai lan. Hope you are getting better now. Cheers!!!!!

  10. Your foot is healing and you will be flying everywhere again!

  11. Oh dear still a bit swollen and blue black. Remind me last time I hurt my foot too. Later I apply "Zheng Guat Shui" with facial cotton overnight. Guess what the next day my foot recovered a lot!!

  12. ling: yes my dear.. i am very kwai now.. :)

    mery : I will..thanks!

  13. irene: no one to manja me la.. just as a normal day..

    sk: yes, i m doing that.. refraining.. :)

  14. irene: me too.. the sinseh said something to do with water based.. unless cook with wine wor..

    tm: superwoman?? :)

    vicky: yeah..good idea.. i m still applying the herbal thing wrapped round my feet at night..

  15. Oh poor you.. Remember to take extra good care!

  16. Oh dear, that's a lot of food u can't eat. Poor thing!

    BTW, have u received your prize??

  17. sinseh kathy say NO KFC! yit hei ahhhh dont eat KFC

    sabah got in Ipoh ah? at pasar or restaurat...i wanna try

  18. hayley: my leg is better today.. :)

    shirley: time for me to diet? :)

    kathy: i think got.. not so sure .. last time I seen them in a market near my place..


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