Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Coming Event

Actually there will be an event going on next month and my cell group was involved with the worship during that function.  It is not a glamorous kind of event, it is kind of a mission event and we are still discussing on the songs and what instruments we are to bring along.  I hope we can come up with a nice microphone, something like this excellent usb microphone at musicians friend.  The portraying voice will certainly sounds better with such an advanced mike and we are really looking forward to this event.  Practice will start very soon and hope it will be successful....


  1. Why no comments here?? Where are your friends?? Adoi.

    I am always here to give Claire support! Enjoy your life to the fullest and live meaningfully each day! Cheers!

  2. TM: you pong chan la.. hahaha...


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