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The Nine Of Never In East Ocean Restaurant, Ipoh

Due to the Old Michaelian's Association night held on two days ago, a few of my old schoolmates came back from afar to attend the dinner.  Taking this opportunity to meet up with them, we put a message in Facebook "calling" out to the old Convent Girls of 1977 for a Sunday lunch.  I saw many "LIKES" on the FB message but none called up to confirm yet... LOL... But come Sunday morning, we received messages, some were coming and some couldn't make it.. well, it was Sunday and this day is supposed to be a family day.... so it wasn't surprising when only nine of us could make it to this lunch gathering.... Well, nine or ninety, it turned out to be a very "refreshing" time for us, some of us had not seen each other for more than 36 years!!  Oh My!!  (Please don't do some mental calculation here... hahahaaa...) Our lunch gathering was held in East Ocean Restaurant and to make it easy, we just ordered the SET from the menu costing around

Toast Box At Changi Airport, Singapore

The next morning we woke up very late... soon it was time for us to pack up and check out... The moment of leaving behind Singapore (Aaron) has arrived.  Our flight was around 3pm and we decided to take our brunch at the airport.  From Ibis Hotel to the airport by cab, it cost around $16sg.  Taking a cab during the day has reasonable rates but once it is night time, the rates will be 1.5 times the normal rate. At the entrance of Terminal 2... Here we are... my two "stewards" in charge...  After checking in our luggage, we had our first meal of the day... At the Toast Box... Ordered something simple...  and I thought it was all about Bread and Toast mostly... I was wrong... they have curry chicken with rice too! Soon it was time for me and Fernie to depart in Terminal 2 and after we went in, Andy proceeded to Terminal 1...   Inside the departure area....  We walked around a bit and bought 300gms of Bah Kwa (BBQ meat) The last part of my

Buffet Dinner At Holiday Inn Hotel, Singapore

Soon we reached our destination for our buffet dinner...Holiday Inn Hotel in Orchard Road, Singapore... Our buffet dinner was sponsored, thanks to Aaron for booking some tickets through Groupon.... It was quite early when we reached and soon when the dinner started, guests began to flow in...   My favourite section is none other than the Desserts!  Well, this is a common dessert... I think I didn't try this at all....  Not because I don't like it..  It was because by the time I finished the main dishes, I was too full for anything else... Normally I don't fancy rainbow cakes but that night was an exception...  Took a lot of salad though... salmon sashimi... and little bit of this and that...  In no time, I was totally FULLLLL......  Our guest of honour... Appeared on our TV screen a number of times!  :) We had a wonderful time on our last evening in Singapore.... Indeed this trip was a memorable one Almost everything was posted in

From Bencoolen To Orchard Road By Foot

The third day in Singapore was spent relaxing in the hotel room. No early morning calls, no appointments... just a restful sleep at our own pace and time. When it was time for our lunch, we went to the food court again and tried out their different type of food.  We spent the whole day in the hotel room... I remember we spent some hours logging in to Air Asia's promotion tickets but ended up buying not-cheap tickets.... When it was almost evening, we prepared ourselves to go for dinner... from Ibis Hotel, we have to walk quite a distance to Holiday Inn for our dinner..... Feeling refreshed after a day's rest in the hotel... The view from our hotel..  and our walking journey began to start....   we passed by this beautiful building... and it was actually School Of Art in Singapore... Dance is Music Made Visible,.... true? We also passed by Cathay...  looks like an antique building, right? Since we are here, we might as well go in and have a lo

"Desserts Bonding" At Cold Stone Creamery

From Orchard Road, we walked and walked... and come to think of it, I really cannot recall where and how we landed here.  Maybe I was busy "talking" and "talking" with my camera that I couldn't really remember which shopping mall I landed in... I just let myself being led here and there... and the timing was quite good...     Passed by some shopping lots.... the mall was not so brightly lit up   and after some turnings, we reached our destination...  by the time we reached the mall, I was already thirsting for the desserts... Cold Stone Creamery! The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience? Let's wait and see.... As usual there are toppings for us to choose from....but we chose none... hahahaa.... Didn't manage to catch the ice cream being tossed here and there... Here it is after some tossing..... It looks like a bit soft here...  Well, I guess I took a bit too long to capture the best angle... Anyway.... Happy Dessert

Joy And Fun In Orchard Road, Singapore

The second day of our trip was a Sunday. Aaron took us to his church Agape Methodist around Jurong area and introduced his pastors and friends to us. It was indeed heartwarming to know them and we had a nice time worshiping in a Singapore church for the first time. After our church service, we proceeded to Jurong East Mall (JEM) where I met up with Sharon from Somewhere in Singapore... I think I have posted about that, right? LOL.. Oh well.... to proceed on our day, during the evening we came out again to meet up with Pastor Leslie and his lovely wife... that also for the first time I had dinner with a Pastor on the same table! LOL.. Everything seems to be the first time happening in Singapore!  Taken in front of Happy Famiy Restaurant... Looks like my family are "oversized" here... LOL.. Appreciate both Pastor and Wife for taking time off to join us for a Fun & Laughter dinner...  With full stomachs, we decided to walk from Novena to Orchard Road!