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My Food View On Budget 2014

Budget 2014 has been announced... how will it affect me in any way?  Yet to be seen but one thing for sure, more people will be wary about how they spend from now on and that includes me..

This morning I took out RM10 for my breakfast and the remainder I had after the meal was only RM2.20.  Meaning to say, one meal is almost RM10 for one person, a bowl of noodles and a warm barley drink.  That is it.  Lunch is not included... if I were to go for lunch, there might be another RM10 gone.. so meaning to say in one day, I alone will spend around RM20-30 if I were to eat out for 3 meals in one day.  But being me, I normally take breakfast, skip lunch and take dinner...

Imagine a family of 4, how much does one need to feed them?  Let's me put the minimum rate of RM20 per person for 3 meals... multiply it by 4, it will be around RM80 per day for 4 persons and for one month alone, the food expenses will come to a whooping amount of RM2400!  And that is just on food alone... minimum rate.. no Big dinners or yummylicious ones...

I am just talking about food, I dare not think of other expenses....

For a middle income earner with a family, it is really hard to make ends meet....

Malaysia is indeed not cheap to stay anymore..... one can hardly buy a decent meal with RM1...

It is indeed disheartening to read the papers from now on... everything seems to be hiking up... sugar is no more subsidized... in a way, we should be cutting down on our sugar... less diabetics in Malaysia from now on.... hopefully!
my lunch...
oats with orange...
I am starting to feel the pinch now... Got to spend within my means... Thought of retiring next year .... But now seems to be having second thoughts..


  1. What to do..everything also need to use sugar. Be it roti, cakes , noodles , cookings.....must tanam sugarcane at home la ::p

  2. kathy: good idea... please reserve your next door house for me.. i want to book!

  3. Have to spend wisely now.Every cents counts.

  4. Let's hope that they do not use so much sugar anymore so I do not need to order kurang manis drinks for my spouse. I myself only drinks plain water now to cut down the calories from sweet drinks.

  5. Irene: now i am feeling the pinch...

    Mun: i agree with u..nowadays all kurang manis or plain water like what you order...

  6. I always bring my own plain water, never order plain water in restaurants for I don't know whether the plain water they serve are boiled water or not.

  7. wah, what you ate for breakfast till RM7.80?? yeah, everything increasing price and yet i don't see our salary has good increment, seems like we always "money not enough use" huh?? it's scary when the basic necessity is becoming more expensive, chain reaction, everything gets even more expensive.. yet still a certain group of people can live their lives so lavishly..

  8. Mun: now you said it, I wanna say that the plain water I drank recently in the shops have a strong scent.... Yes, good to bring own water but the shops owners might not like it ....

    Sk: only the rich will be richer... We are wage earners that is why we feel the pinch...

    1. When I bring my own water I don't drink it in the shops. I go out to drink it because all shops will have the outside food allowed sign displayed on their wall.

    2. Outside food not allowed sign I mean.

  9. Yea, now the Rm50 notes like nothing, sometimes when you go for higher class restaurants, you can't even pay for your own share with just Rm50, Malaysia is not a good place to stay right now lol

  10. well, the best is to drink plain water.. and also home-cooked food if possible for those with big family.

  11. I did not know anything about this budget. So will things cost more, or you will earn less?

  12. Eat less. Here, we can still have breakfast for TWO for less than RM10.00 depending on what you eat and where you go. Remember the Serenity Prayer - strive to be happy.


    THAT imported orange is expensive!

  14. Ken: unless we are earning lots of thousands.. hahaha..

    wenn: yeah, homecooked food is the option..

  15. ginny: things will definitely cost more.. in days to come..

    stp: spend within our means.. yeah.. now a bowl of noodles.. RM5 or so and one drink easily 1.50.. so got to cut...cut .. cut down.. :)

  16. Nowadays things are not cheap...

    A $50 can't get you much things...

  17. Yes things are going to get expensive with the sugar subsidy reduced. So have to start cooking more! :)

  18. sharon: I think Sg can get quite a lot.. :)

    sweetwitch: yes, I better take out my cooking pans from now on.. hahaha...

  19. Sugar up less than 40 sen A KILO...but wait and see how those horrible business people will increase the prices of what they sell. Daylight robbers, simply taking advantage. May they all burn in hell, whoever do that!!!! Sumpah them plus plus, sial all their lives!!!

    Like Budget Day, all the shops NO sugar. The following day, ALL the sugar miraculously appeared out of nowhere, selling at the non-subsidised prices. Obviously, that was old stock - so they are making 40 sen extra for each kilo...of the existing stock they have. Go ahead...that extra that you earned, you'll answer for it in Hell!!!

  20. STP: Cool down, man.. cool down... this is not uncommon anymore.. but what can we do? Have to cut down on our expenses esp on our outside food intake... and drinks make the most profit actually...

  21. Don't think can get much thing...

    Go outside eat or buy things, $50 gone...

  22. You really got me thinking too! I want to start growing vegetables in flower pots. That will save lots of money actually.

  23. sharon: Sg can get more definitely!

    Mun: yeah, unless got partner order drink from them then should be ok..

  24. TM: I love that too.. if only I have a nice garden!


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