Sunday, November 3, 2013

Next Food Avenue In Ipoh Parade, Ipoh

As an Ipohian, I do confess that I do not know where to take my friends if they come visiting from another town and place.  All I know is to take them for Food which they have heard much about either in the media or through weblogs.  Other than food, I can take them to visit shopping malls, there are none other than the AEON Station 18 and our recent "New Facelift" mall named Ipoh Parade.

Yes, Ipoh Parade has a new "makeover"... I remember that Ipoh Parade was built in the 1990s, that was when my husband first joined the company.  Now after two decades, the Mall is now renovated... I am so impressed when I stepped in to Ipoh Parade yesterday.  No doubt there are still some renovations going on, nevertheless, this mall is now another tourist spot not to be missed... 

The first venue that made me "gaped in awe" is their new food court now called "Next Food Avenue."  I was indeed very impressed by the new outlook, it has total difference look from the previous food court, the structure and the concept are now at its latest, offering local cuisine to shoppers based at a one-stop food venue.  There are 26 stalls in two separate sections, one halal and one non-halal.  Both sections offer different type of food cuisine, all totally Malaysian style to suit the taste buds of the locals and visitors of all races and culture.

So what did I try on this spectacular day?
All of the below, I tasted a bit of this and that... 
and the total food I consumed seems to be endless!  LOL...  
I made my first stop here... .
 Roasted chicken or duck?? 
I opted for the latter...
 The Succulent Roast Duck!
 Only RM6 a plate that comes with rice and a bowl of soup!
 Juicy looking!
 Well....what can I say..... hmmmm....
 That is not all... I ordered some of these varieties as well....
 Take your pick... and enjoy eating these under the cooling air con....
One cannot resist not trying the Spicy Pan Noodles... 
Just mix the noodles with the top fillings and you will get your money worth!  LOL...
Aluminium foiled Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish)
I couldn't resist this either...
  Just look at the Ikan Pari... fresh flesh with a combination of the sambal gravy
plus some okra as toppings made a perfect meal... 
It comes with a plate of rice and it only cost RM8!
 That is not all... One must not go off without trying these tasty Popiahs!
There are 4 types of our local Popiah and I am so glad that I tried these.... 
Seeweed Popiahs!
Something new, right?
Looking at this now makes me "yearn" for one!
I dare say this is the best Popiah I have ever tasted!
 Another one not to be missed... Rojak Popiah!
Grounded peanuts as toppings
 .... and lots of crispy fillings inside with some dab of rojak sauce that makes it perfect!
Phew... I call this Food Galore!

Well, is that all?? 
Of course not!  
There are many more stalls which I have not tasted yet...
Obviously Next Food Avenue have not seen the last of Reanaclaire yet!


  1. Yum! Yum! Better try out all the places so when I happen to drop by, you can take me to eat the best in town. LOL!!!

  2. Good to know Ipoh Parade has a new look right now... the last time i was there was like "..." LOL! The pan mee looks good btw, it seems bouncy and springy

  3. Owh!!...glorious food. All looks so great. Drooling over the pan mee. Expensive or not?

  4. Stp: sure...sure... Hope you like the food there!

    Ken: yes, something different too...

  5. Elin: oink! Oink! Means OK!! :)

    Irene: Food courts serves reasonable prices...:)

  6. errr, no place to bring your visitors around meh?? i think Ipoh got a few very majestic looking old buildings worth to see, and those caves are also famous in Ipoh right?? hehehe, other than that, i think most people are more interested in the nice Ipoh food lah~~ :D

    wow, the Ipoh Parade with a new facelift!! the food court surely sounds interesting.. and not expensive also!! RM6 for the duck rice with soup for example.. in KL kopitiam already this price, and in shopping mall i think easily RM9..

  7. The duck drumstick looks very big. Very affordable food. I like going to food courts for food too.

  8. I want to get in a plane and fly there right now for you to take me there. We would talk and eat all day. Then take a nap and talk and eat the rest of the night! My favorites here are the duck dish, also and the egg with greens. It would be so much fun going from stall to stall trying a little of everything.

  9. Oh my gosh! That duck looks so juicy! Wow! Fantastic!

  10. sk: Yes, now come to think of it.. but not many like to visit caves and all that.. I don't.. hahaha... I only like to eat! :)

    mun: if the food is nice, they are worth going! :)

  11. ginny: yes, I love that.. do jump onto the next flight!! I will be waiting here!

    lexie: yes, indeed all looks good!!

  12. place,Claire? Oo..I would love the roast duck with rice too!

  13. Sharon: indeed.. I must try the others one day... sure, i hope you have enough days to cover all.. hahaha..

    ling: cannot finish the rice la.. just eat the duck also enough already...

  14. What Ipohian?? Muahahahaha That is new word to me.

    Goodness you posted so many delicious photos to tempt me!!! So bad! Luckily my lunch break will be in 30 mins more!!
    I love your Spicy Pan noodles and Ikan Bakar laaaaaaa.....! I want!

  15. TM: Come Ipoh la.. then can show you where to eat! :)

  16. Claire...if I go Ipoh, will you bring me go and eat these?

  17. Mmm...... come to think about it, I've yet to visit Ipoh.......

  18. Shirley: Ipoh has nothing much except for food and you need more days to savor them!


Thank you, readers!

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