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Our Yummy Brunch In Johor

We normally take two meals per day only... by the time we go out, it is almost 11am plus... we take our own sweet time to get our chores done before we venture out for food.  No more thinking about target dates and meetings to go to... alright,  alright... I am not going to mention about working life at this time... it might "dampen" moods... hahahaa.... 

We explored some shops around our area and these are part of the food we have tasted so far during the daytime... And there are many more which we have not tried yet...

We like the "liews" here in this auntie's stall...
At last we saw something familiar and similar to Ipoh...
Hidden beneath the fish varieties are the noodles!
My girl and I each had one bowl... such a BIG portion...
Next time I mustn't be too greedy!! 
But then I could finish them all...
First meal of the day is normally not a problem..... 

Another interesting meal is the Terengganu Laksa...
It can come in a set like the above...
Very nice..... 
Something similar to Hokkien Prawn Noodles!
And a drink included....
The set cost RM10.90
Two side dishes!
I like the two different types of sambals on the fish...
My girl ordered a soupy egg based noodles... RM5.50
And last and not least... I tasted this curry noodles twice already...  RM4.50
I am not a spicy lover so this curry suits my taste buds...
I think the man knows me already...
Instead of talking Mandarin as on the first day, 
he spoke to me in staggered Cantonese dialect during the second time..


  1. I see the hawker stall type of food in Johor is pretty good too and price seems decent enough. So no need to go back to Ipoh already now that you have everything you need in Johor.

  2. From the 1st food item to the last, I like them all. With all these yummy food, I wouldn't mind giving JB a visit....hahaa...

  3. Wonderfully fresh and yummy looking! Each thing looks so good, I would eat here all the time! Especially the soupy egg noodles and fish. Wish I could taste.

  4. Great food. 1st pix is what we call " lo shu fun" (mi tikus), correct me if i am wrong. Soupy egg noodles looks heavenly, my choice.

  5. I got the same issues every time I order yong tau foo too! I always overestimate my eating capacity and order way too much! Every time I remind myself, "next time must control!", but I have been reminding myself for the past 6 or 7 years already wahaha!!

  6. I go JB look for you, u know what to do, wink wink, hahaha....

  7. Terengganu laksa not like that, That must be the cetak rompak version LOL!

  8. We always take brunch too during the weekends, except the kids.. They eat bfast too.. Usually noodles like you, then dinner.. If mulut gatal in between, eat leftovrr cny cookies, haha.. The drink is purple wor, dragonfruit?

  9. Loh shee fun with so much Yong Tau foo! wah...syok...kari mee.....weiwei..gain weight moe?

  10. good that you are enjoying yourself..

  11. The food really attracted me but the colour of the pinkie drink scared me off. What was that so neon colour?


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