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Super Supper Desserts In Ipoh

EVER SINCE I CAME BACK FROM THE LAND OF APLENTY,  I have been "burning coconuts" for many a nights!  How not to gain weight?  I think I would be slimmer staying in a western world than an asian country... hahahaha... I have so much choices over here and food was also abundant even at odd times of the night.

In the western world, I don't go out at night to eat as I do over here now in Ipoh.  Shops close as early as 6pm or latest by 8pm.  No supper after that unless homemade food.  But normally I stop eating as early as 6pm and the whole night would be spend watching TV... there are endless movies that I could watch in the comfort of my room...  Alas!  It is different when I am back now.... Food Temptation is really Great and I ended up taking supper after supper.... what shall I do....
Last night I went for these .....  Glutinous rice so flavourful in Jack Fah shop in town... 
I finished the whole plate by myself!  
Couldn't resist these too....
And dip-dip... 
Just a few sticks will do...
Followed by a bowl of Ang Tau *Red Bean* dessert...
Most of the food here went into my tummy...
And the price was around RM10.... $3usd?
And as if that was not enough,  my friend and I continued our food bout
at Tongsui Kai (Dessert Street)
Both of us shared a bowl of Ice Kacang before we called it a night...
*Pat my full tummy*


  1. Ooooo...I like dip dip and everything you had. Ya, plenty but will need plenty of money to live comfortably there. Everything is so much more affordable here, even without conversion. RM10 here, there...cannot even buy a nice breakfast for one for USD10.

    1. Oh, for $10 can buy a very nice breakfast in US too... continental is nice too with eggs, ham and sausages.. but of course, for me, I would like to have a plate of noodles instead.. hehehe..

  2. Eating nice food is our life's the saying goes..nice food is always unhealthy..but we always look for nice food...haaa..only RM10.00 for all that is very cheap.

  3. hahaha!! you were a couch potato when you were holidaying m in the US and now you are back in Ipoh as the food hunter (with a vengeance)!!! anyway, that's a lot for a supper i would say~~ :p

    1. hahaha...only certain days... cannot eat like this all the time...

  4. Ooohh, I like dip-dip.. Little bit here, little bit there, syiok wor.. Gained how much weight?

  5. I feel you. Malaysia is a food haven. We have so much food to tempt us. Like you, I have my dinner as early as before 6pm at home. No supper at night unless hungry, just Milo and cracker or light bite.

    Your ice kacang is yummy. Nice on warm day.

    1. Yes, I dont take so often... too much suppering is no good at all...

  6. Exchange rate 3.8 now, so it is less than US$ 3!

    If you prefer Malaysian food, then this happens one la, 3 months of not having your favorite food, have to sapu first ma hehehe XD

    1. Will sapu more as time goes by... hahhaaa...

  7. Your really miss your Ipoh food lah :D

  8. All looks so yummy & tempting.

  9. At first, i thought the Glutinous rice homemade by you, hehe...

    1. No la.. I haven't learn up the trade yet.. hahaha...

  10. Here in Ipoh, its food haven! I didn't know that Jack Fah opens till night. I must go and try one of The glutinous rice looks delicious.

  11. I agree with you that Asian food is always fattening and the Western tourists complained of over eating too. Wakakakaka

    Just look at all the yummy photos of yours!! The bathroom scale will burst out its springs.

  12. Next time when is around supper time, try to do something else to distract your concentration on food, then gradually you'll drop the feeling of kept thinking about supper.


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