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California State Fair

For more than 160 years, the California State Fair has showcased the best of California. The seventeen-day Fair is a robust celebration of California, its industries, agriculture and diversity of its people. The California State Fair is a popular summer destination with plenty of entertainment, fascinating exhibits, popular livestock shows, mouthwatering food and the largest tasting of California award-winning wines. We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 California State Fair July 10-26 where we plan to make the best even better! 
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THAT WAS WHAT WE DID... My BIL took us to the California State Fair a few days before we were due to fly back, so nice of him for the drive took around forty five minutes to reach...

Summer was really Hot here in California....
No wonder the song goes... "It never rains in California"
At the entrance... security checkpoint where we have to open our bags... 
Entrance fee was $10 for seniors.... and $17 for adults... 
Hot.. hot.... they have sprinklers for sale in most stalls...
The heat kept the people away..
As for us, we went up a monorail to have the picture on the whole area... $5 for one ride...
Evenings are normally more crowded.... 
It was noon when we arrived... temperature was around 100 degrees....
Phew... just imagine how "cooling" it is... hahahaa...
But that did not deter us from this Grilled Turkey Leg with BBQ sauce!
It cost $13 cos it is an enormous one....
My auntie and I shared this Leg.... 
Don't underestimate the size.. both of us nearly couldn't finish it all.... !
After that, lots of walking and hiding inside the air con halls...
Some of the counties I have been to... 
My BIL told me I have traveled to 25 counties during my 2 months holidays!
And on the way out, their singing made me stop and listen...
Nice combination of voices....
 I guess they are rehearsing for the evening's performance...
There are many more pictures I have taken and it was an eye opening experience... 
But because of the heat, we cut short our "walk" 
Next time if I have a chance to come again, 
it would definitely be an evening where it is more cooling... 


  1. Oh, grilled turkey looks like pork knuckle...

  2. wow, that would be a nice place to go.. there are things to play, things to see, and things to eat (of course).. lucky that you were there to experience this big event of California.. and wow, 25 counties in 2 months, hebatnya~~

  3. eh....still not done with the US posts? wonder my mom put on weight ... look at that turkey leg!!

    1. Got la... cannot finish one.. 2 months wor....

  4. "State Fair" reminds me of...Pat Boone. Saw the movie when I was a little kid.

    1. Oh... Pat Boone... really long ago.. I remember Debbie Boone's song.. You light up my life!

  5. Big turkey leg!! Fun fair. I like to visit one.

    So, same price for tourists and locals? They charge you $10 too?

    1. Yes, they don't differentiate foreigners ... and I am senior price..

  6. Sekali pandang, I like the souvenir stall, so pinky !! Love it !!

    1. So you might get a girl this time?? hehehee..

  7. This is a very fun place to visit. I am sure if you have gone there in the cool evening, you would spend more time going around to every corner of the place to look see. Wow! that turkey leg is so huge! I enjoy "tumpang-ing" your tours all over the countries...hahahaaa!

    1. Next time I take you for the real one.. wanna??? hahaha...

  8. Eh, I have never eaten turkey. I saw the frozen turkey leg at Cold Storage. So big!

  9. Hi Claire! Long time no 'see'!

    Nice photos, I wish for a vacation badly now, hur hur!

    1. Hello Hayley! How are you doing? Please blog soon! :)

  10. Yah, I know...summer in four season countries is even hotter than here...


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