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Reanaclaire Fried, Sauteed And Steamed

EACH MORNING AFTER WE HAVE TAKEN OUR FIRST MEAL, my girl and I will stop by either the shopping mall or the fresh grocery stall to do our marketing before heading back to our little nest.  And we normally plan out our menu the night before so that we know what we are going to pick up on the way back. 

Yesterday was no different, these dishes below were prepared... and one of them was turned out disastrous..
What happened?  I am still wondering... 
Each time I use this Amway wok and fry fish, it always ended up broken like this...
Anyone using Amway wok?  Can enlighten me on this? 
But the wok is good for vegetables.. got wok hei smell....
Cover it for a minute and the vegetables will be cooked... *just found out*
I didn't have enough garlic for my greens, instead there is a leftover lemongrass...
So what I did was... chopped up the lemongrass very finely to replace my garlic...
The result?  I will be buying more lemongrass from now on... 
I simply love the lemongrass fragrance and flavour on my greens!
Last but not least, the last dish steamed using the wok as well... 
Took around fifteen minutes... 
I miss my mom's cooking on this dish..... somehow she made it very flavourful...
Maybe I must add some shallots or garlic oil after this is done....
After all being said and done...
That was our un-presentable dinner.....
Still have lots to learn... especially on the Broken Fish...



  1. Rub a bit of salt on the fish before frying will do the trick as many people claim, how true?...I don't know too. Still look ok, just a little bit falling apart. I can finish the egg alone with the rice. Yumzzzz

    1. I did that.. seasoning with salt before frying.. I think this Amway one is different.. Saw the video just now.. heat up the pan hot hot... then put fish inside without oil... it is like baking.. next time I try...

  2. wah, this Reanaclaire very got "sum see" leh.. one meal that looks simple but then she has put in different types of cookings.. fried, sautee and steam, nice combination.. what about the rice?? haha, what do we call that way of cooking?? :p

  3. I am not good at frying fish and my fish also turns out like yours hah..hah...That's why I prefer to grill my salmon.

  4. Wahhhh!!! So fast! Just saw your fish on Facebook and it's here already. LOL!!!

  5. I bet it tasted good! Are you flipping it too much?

    1. No, I didn't... just dint know how to use the pan... hahahaa..

  6. The only wok that I can fry fish nicely is still the cast iron wok. I have tried other woks, even the stainless steel one and none can be compared to cast iron wok. Maybe I belong to the older generation and not used to the new woks. Lol!

    1. Will get one for my Ipoh home... that one at home is also going to retire soon...

  7. wah ...not bad leh...
    So, when are you leaving ? I am on leave next Fri.

    1. I see the next round ... this round I think a bit too rushed...

  8. I don't ind disastrous fish.. My salmon breakup like that too, I guess coz the flesh is flakey.. Else, I think coz not enuff oil, or you keep flipping.. I heard the secret is don't flip.. Fry 1 side, keep quiet, close the wok, after few minutes, open wok and faster flip to the second side, then wait, and slide out on the plate..

  9. Don't mind about the look of the long it taste nice..I would want to have additional serving of the rice with these dishes.

  10. Broken up fish is ok, as long as it is tasty! This home cooked meal look really delicious!


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