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Chef In Action At Tambun Stall

ON THE WAY TO TAMBUN, MY FRIEND AND I STOPPED AT THIS STALL TO HAVE OUR LUNCH....  It was a peak hour and there were many patrons already inside waiting for their food to be served.  This stall is quite special because the chef does his cooking in front of the patrons and we can see how he does his swift wok cooking! Getting the ingredients ready... Husband and wife teamwork.... I think our dishes are ready to be served..... We had bitter gourd soup with mixture of meat and fish cakes... Leeks with roasted pork... my favourite too... And my friend recommended this dish...  Kerabu ikan bilis with sweet and sourish taste...  Very appetizing... The three dishes with rice and drinks came to around RM22 for the both of us... That answers why the crowd is there each day.....

My Kind Of Penang Rojak At Macallum Street

I LOVE ROJAK!!  In Ipoh I love to frequent a few stalls only, I prefer those which serve a separate bowl of sauce to dip into.  I seldom go for those which serve a plate of rojak with the sauce and fruits mixed together unless the sauce is really thick enough..... Now I am salivating, another self torture mode when I think of it now... That is Ipoh... now there is this stall in Penang that captivates me greatly.... It is really different from what I have eaten in Ipoh... and after eating one time, I feel like going again and again....... Here is the stall I am "salivating" about.....  Getting our orders ready...... Worth the wait.... Just look at that!! The thick sauce with lots of crispy dried shrimps and peanuts!! My fair share of Rojak.... *a mixture of a bit of this and that* Better take a picture in a fast mode.... *salivating already* Just look at the thick sauce.....  This is what I called .... My Kind of Rojak!

Self Torturing With Ipoh Delights

IN THE MIDST OF MY CONVERSATION WITH MY FRIEND THIS MORNING, we finally came to a point where both of us agreed that Ipoh is indeed the Best place for us to spend our golden years..... When I am away from Ipoh, I miss her very much!  I mean Ipoh... Been to so many places, local or overseas, I realized my heart is still back home here in Ipoh... No wonder I have so much difficulty adapting to the other food especially those non-Asian ones... That is my problem... I am like a frog underneath a coconut shell when it comes to Food! Now in my "driver-less" state, I seem to be yearning more and more.... How I wish someone could just bring in these goodies to me... this very minute!!  Yes, I sound very "desperate" for these below... I shouldn't have opened my food folder a moment ago... Now I am DONE!   Cowan Street or Jalan Raja Ekram dessert shop...... They sell fresh snacks and desserts... I like them all!! Even their dilute porridge.... no meat.... ju

Our Salmon Abalone With Red Wine

OUR FUSION MEAL LAST NIGHT..... Immediately coming back after a hard day's work in the office, my friend put on the apron and started preparing and cooking!!  As usual, I did not do anything to help, just rolling up and down the hall to check out the smell.... Hahahaa..... This is one of the perks for being rooted to the chair...  My friend is a fast worker, in less than an hour, everything is done and ready on the table...... Each of us have a fair share.... Extra piece goes to the special birthday girl.... One piece of salmon too for each of us too!  Even without rice, we were full to the brim just eating a bit of this and that....  All ready to be enjoyed to the fullest with some sips of red wine.......                                                                                Wishing you Good Healthand Happiness....                                                                     Cheers!!!!

My Sponsored Birthday Meal

MANY THANKS TO MY FRIENDS WHO WHOOPED UP A YUMMY DINNER FOR MY BIG DAY!!                              Steamed herbal chicken, colourful vegetables and a crispy fried fish.... Ohhhhh.. Plus herbal soup too!!                                                                      Thank you, Andy for the desserts!! A quiet and simple affair this year... Nevertheless, I am so happy and thankful for another blessed year reached filled with joy, peace and good health.... Challenges I may face every day, I tell myself I do not have to fear for I am blessed with a wonderful family and pampering friends!!  Today I have something to do.... My free time is spent "babysitting" a friend.... We sort of need each time company.... Alright, just say we are "adultsitting" each other!  Hahahaaa.....

Birthday Thanks To My Family And Friends!

VERY SURPRISED TO RECEIVE SO MANY MESSAGES ON FACEBOOK! When I woke up this morning, the very first thing I switched on was my handphone watsapp messages, only two wellwishers were there.... I was thinking, "Eh... very quiet day on my 55th year!" OH yeah, I had disabled my own birthday reminder on FB, I remember disabling it last year but does it appear this year?  Anyway, the next thing I switched on was my iPad, checked my emails and then FB last... And when I read my girl's FB message with our picture, my heart melted already... and not only that, more and more cakes and well wishers on my FB... Wahhhh... I feel on top of the world already even though I couldn't even stand tall for now!   hahahahaa....  Happy Happy!! Prior to this beautiful day, I get to eat so much of my favourite food and desserts!! My Best Pan Mee bought by my sister!  And my good friend, Nancy brought me these goodies!! These are very special... only available on two days...

Happy Birthday Hoon & Leng

IT WAS A SPECIAL WEEKEND SPENT SLUMBERING IN MY FRIEND'S HOUSE.... Buddies from the time during our school days and golden girls till today, we gathered again to spend time together and to commemorate our gathering, one of my friends bought a birthday cake... It is not our birthday real day yet but since she is not from Ipoh, we had a simple celebration.... Now coming to think of it, we did not even sing a Birthday Song.... *that answers why we are called the Golden Girls*  We totally forgotten all about it!!  My friend and I are only one day apart from our date of birth...  Thus the two names.... every year! We made a wish before blowing out the candles.....  At our age.... there is one wish we really want to pray for.....  Our smiles on a blessed day.... Thank you for the Friendship that ties us together year after year.... And I pray that our Good God Will Continue To Bless Us  With Many More Smiles Ahead!!

Filled With Strength And Softness

THERE ARE DAYS WHEN THERE THERE IS NO RAIN, the sun shines hot and bright in Ipoh... now that I am confined to the house most of the time, I spent a lot of time in front of the TV with the ceiling fan in full blast.  But I still sweat profusely at times and tissue after tissue are always within the hand's reach.  Many a time, I received comments like... "Hey, what is that white thing on your hair?"  That, of course, is the speck of tissue stuck to my hair when I wiped my face....  Well, I am sort of a "cheapskate" when it comes to tissues, I buy the cheapest or the ones on promotion and normally they come with two thin ply of soft paper... once wiped, it teared and at times, leave traces of them behind on my sweated face... :) Those with three ply are generally more pricey but of course, more quality la..... And for once, I get to experience these beauty and scented facial tissues when I received them two days ago.... Came in a box filled with these goodie

Friendship And Food Knows No Bounds

SINCE IT IS SORT OF "CONFINEMENT" PERIOD FOR ME, I was thinking of the confinement food that I used to eat during those yesteryears... hahahaaa...   When my friends called me to say they were coming for lunch, it was no surprise to them when I mentioned that I was yearning for some ginger wine chicken!  And they readily agreed to wherever I want to eat.... so nice of them to come pick me up, patiently waiting and helping me to lock up the door and hopping to the car with my faithful walker.... and then we set out for the confinement food... Till today, I do not know the name of the shop, it is just No. 2 to us..... It is a corner house along the main road in Ipoh Garden.... And every lunch hour, there are cars just parked outside the house.....  Quite popular even among the young adults..... My friends ordered pineapple juice....  Vinegar pig trotters with an egg... This portion is for one person and each dish came with a big plate of brown rice...

My Confinement Period

EVER SINCE I CAME HOME FROM MY EUROPE TRIP, I have been very "lazy".... My condition has restricted my movements... For someone who cannot sit still like me, it was like a "confinement" period, sitting, eating, sleeping mode.... Even blogging is set aside.... I am indeed getting lazier as each day goes by..... Most of my time is spent in front of the rectangular box.... My source of entertainment which supplies laughter and distraction whole day long.... A potential TV addict! And to put myself to sleep, I tire myself in Soduku.... After a game or two, it leads me to dreamland..... My source of transportation within the house.... My four legged companion.... Using this, my arms are getting muscular every passing day... As for the legs, one is getting skinnier than the other.....  These are my modeling poses with my muscular and skinny legs... I can't wait to walk again... Doc oh Doc, do I have to wait that long??