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The Peeing Boy Manneken Pis Brussels Belgium

I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE FAMOUS PEEING BOY IN BRUSSELS until I was there and everyone seems to be crowding around to take a picture of this peeing kid.
Aaron managed to take a picture of this Manneken Pis aka The Peeing Boy...
There are a few legends arising from how this statue came about...
I googled about it a moment ago to "quench" my curiosity...
Cos every corner I went, this icon seems to be  here and there...
In front of the waffles shop....
And in the waffle shops....
Must have one for the album with the Peeing Boy!
Oh yes, talking about waffles, one must not leave Brussels without tasting them!
At first we thought it cost only 1euro...
And many to choose from..... the toppings, I mean....
Just look at the salesperson... I didn't realize it until I saw this picture...
At my sitting position, I could only EYE for the toppings!
Yes, the waffle cost 1 euro BUT without the toppings....
We ordered the famous Belgian choc and it comes to around 3 euro.....
After finishing one, we went to another shop.....
We just couldn't get enough....
Choose our toppings again....
Aaron again chose chocolate!!
Hot waffle with lots of chocolate and cream!
This one cost 5 euro if I am not mistaken....
I guess he must be having a hard time choosing what he wants... hahahaaa...
I would too, if I were to choose!
Ok, you eat first, Aaron!
Something triggered off our smiles.....
Not sure what... must be something to do with the waffle!
Yes, just look at the tourists....
There was some kind of a festive procession going on....
And We are so happy to be part of the crowd... 
We and Our Waffles!


  1. Aaron should following the same pose as the boy. That would be so hilarious! :D

    1. Shall I convey your message to him? I will say.. this Uncle STP is requesting... :D

  2. Chocolate and cream on waffle would be my option too.

    Oh. Peeing boy. He is sure a famous boy there.

  3. Wow, waffles, spoilt for choice. Peeing boy is seen everywhere, any reason for that?

  4. So, what is the story behind the peeing boy? I love the waffle with chocolate but then after seeing the 2nd waffle with chocolate and cream, I think I love the 2nd waffle more..ha ha!

  5. yeah, this is the Peeing Boy i commented in your previous post, and also the Belgian waffles.. wow, that huge blue Mannekan seems to be nicer than the real one huh?? and the one made of chocolates, fuyoh, i am sure many people also snapped a photo of them?? and needless to say, those waffles with so many types of toppings are just to die for!!! :p

    1. Many of them were eating the waffles as they walked along the streets.. all freshly made and warm...

  6. Peeing boy looks cute, squeezing his bird-bird, hehe.. Omigod, but I love your waffles more!

  7. I had a heavy dinner yesterday night, now still not very hungry, if not, i will be drooling now looking at the waffle and the toppings, hehe...

    1. Good you have a heavy meal... before coming by.. hahahaa

  8. aiyayaya.....close eyes ...LOL

    Wah not sejuk ka makan ice cream lagi. Really ci kek lo

    1. Not ice cream.. they are cream no ice.. and the waffle is warm...

  9. Sh*t! I did not have waffles in Belgium leh! ... Wait, I think I did have waffles, but it was from the hotel breakfast, we make ourselves one! >.<

    1. hahahaa.. mana sama... next time go again, CL!!

  10. censored...censored...hee..hee... Wah, I am loving those waffles lah! So many toppings to choose from. OK, must visit this place if ever got chance!

  11. Did you see the girl version of manneken pis? The chocolate waffle looks delicious!


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