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I Love AEON Klebang, Ipoh


Sorry, actually... I am not that "happy" to go out... why?  Cos I am still on the two wheels or the four legged walker... sigh....   But after confining to the house for many a days now, I have to go out to get some groceries for the house... and the necessities as well...

I am still very dependable when it comes to going out, my leg is still in the green cast... I prayerfully hope it will be removed very soon.  I pray for my cracked bone to be completely healed so that I can walk again... really looking forward when I can drive!

As for today, since I am not independent as yet, my faithful friend took me out for lunch and after that, we didn't go home, instead we went to the newly AEON in Klebang, a half hour drive from my house...

My first time going to AEON Klebang though it has been opened for more than a month now...
Love this Christmas deco....
Quickly I whatsApp to Andy......
And he told me that AEON in JB also have the same one.....
Beautiful art displayed.. very 3G like..... 
From my wheelchair position, picture is taken like this...
As I wheeled along... everything looks nice to me....
Star attraction.....
From ground floor, we went up and up till the third floor...
Even I LOVE IPOH is not left out.....
Oh, I wonder where these buildings are... IPOH? 
After everything covered and seen, we went for our groceries...
And got back these favourite characters for Andy.....
My outing today took me the whole afternoon, from 1pm till after 6pm!
Either there are lots to see.... 
Going on a wheelchair does indeed double up the normal time....


  1. Most shopping malls are up with Christmas decor. Very beautiful Christmas tree & those free gifts fom Darlie, I have a few collections of it. Glad that you have a great time at the mall.

  2. really a kind friend to drop by to bring you out for lunch and then for some groceries shopping at a new mall you have not been to.. ya, that 3D painting on the wall is indeed nice, i think it would be even more real when seen on the spot huh?? oh, cute freebies mug from Darlie!! maybe i shall go and get one :p

  3. Get well soon, then come JB and Singapore... Right here waiting for you...

  4. Show this to Andy :

  5. Never been to both new Aeons, perhaps CNY.

  6. What a true friend to take you out for food and shopping. I would assume those buildings in the "I love Ipoh" picture are in Ipoh so do try to identify them. Ah, mug from Darlie, let me go and see whether it is available here or not.

  7. Ooooo...lovely Christmas tree. Spoilt by the cartoons...but I guess the kids would love those. I think I've a tree in my blogpost tomorrow too. It's the season...

  8. I think after being confined within the house for so long, any form of going outside will feel nice and exciting right? :D

    1. Like long time no go out... everything wahhh..wahhhhh

  9. Alamak...for a moment there i thought it is in shah alam coz also u0coming one mall same name AEON MALL

  10. nowadays seems like a lot of new malls coming up. That mug is cute...I mean the characters printed on it really can cheer one up.

  11. Sounds like you had fun hah..hah,,,

  12. Glad you get to go out and have some shopping and sight-seeing. Haha.

    I like the SpongeBob cup.

  13. I went there on the same day but after dinner. I must be blur or engrossed with other things, I missed all these decorations. Lol!

    1. You must be engrossed with the clothings... or food????


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