Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guitar Center

When my girl was four years old, I sent her for piano lessons and I remember accompanying her for two years in the music shop.  Along the way, I purchased a second hand piano from them so that she could practise at home.  After graduating from the children's music exam paper, she told me that she did not want to continue anymore.  But I encouraged her to continue to the next level, it was such a waste to stop halfway through.  After a year or so, I notice that my girl was not really into piano lessons and eventually I stopped her from continuing.  I guess none of my kids are into music, unlike yours truly who has a passion for music till today.... Though I love to learn piano, I do not have the tine as yet.  I guess I have to stick to my faithful guitar for now and that too, I need to "brush up" with the online guitar lessons.  Maybe I need to check out more details on the guitar center baton rouge before I get a new guitar for myself. 

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