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Happy Birthday To My Handy Boy

THIS YEAR WE COULD NOT CELEBRATE TOGETHER... Nevertheless it is just as wonderful for you have your close family members to celebrate your special day today!   I can wish you through Facebook, Messenger, Blogging, WhatApps and phone calls... That is the wonder of technology.....
Happy Birthday Andy!
This is your favourite cake of all times!
I managed to retrieve it from a two year old post... 
I love these pictures of yours... they are Priceless!!
Judging from the candles, you were 11 then....
And today you have doubled the age and more.... 
May our Good Lord continues to Bless your life with 
Goodness and His Grace....
Thanking him each day for giving me a wonderful YOU!!


  1. Nancy Chong's cake. Probably the only baker in town laying royal icing over butter cake.

  2. Happy Blessed Birthday, Andy. From a cute little boy to a handsome young man. How time flies.

    1. Either I have short memory or time really flies!

  3. I hope Andy had a wonderful birthday knowing that all of you are thinking of him and wishing him happy birthday.

  4. Happy birthday, Andy! Not back home to celebrate? Got girlfriend already or not? Wink! Wink!

    1. hehehee.. why winking? Anyone you have in mind for him? wink wink!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Andy the Handy boy!! he sure grows up to be more good looking after loosing some weights, hehe!!

    1. Thank you, yes, indeed he has lose a lot of weight...

  6. Happy Birthday Mama's boy! Andy has transformed into a handsome hunk!

  7. He was so cute and chubby :) Happy Birthday Andy!

    1. Yes, indeed he is very chubby and cute.. then.. and now...

  8. Happy Birthday to your son Andy.

  9. The executive chef here was a genuinely nice person and never made us feel like we were just "business" for him. He was extremely competent and organized. Because of the natural beauty of NYC venues, we were able to get away with very minimal decorations.


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