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Dim Sum At Maxim, Sungai Ara, Penang

IT WAS A SATURDAY MORNING WHEN WE DROPPED BY AT MAXIM dim sum shop at Sungai Ara... My girl suggested this place in fact, I, for one, had forgotten all about this place.  Looking back through my posts, it was in 2013 when we last came here as a family, more than two years ago... Maxim at Lebuh Pekaka 1, Sungai Ara...  ,,,,deemed to be one of the best Dim Sum in the island?  It was around 11am plus when we reached there...  And my girl wasted no time to collect the goodies from the dim sum section...  Her favourites... and after eating, they become mine too.. Crusty pastry and the egg fillings is soft and tasty.... I took one of these.... I prefer the chives dumplings...  I was surprised my girl got these for me...  These are not bad too...  Squarish fish "balls" Did we manage to finish them all...  Phew... we didn't actually... some went to the doggy bag....  I wanted to try their Wanton noodles...  I remember loving the ta

Home Transformation Tips For The Conscientious Homeowner

As a homeowner, creating a more loving environment for your family to grow is always high on your agenda. In truth, the home improvement challenge is a battle that is never fully completed. After all, every property will need modernisation from time to time. However, there’s nothing to stop you from achieving the desired results in 2016. However, it’s not all about building a home that looks nice and pretty. You should also take your responsibilities into account. That means making the most of your resources. If you can achieve this with decisions that will benefit other people, then that’s a bonus too. Here’s everything you need to know.  Image:   Stop Wasting Energy   Running a home isn’t a cheap, and energy bills are a major issue. As a smart homeowner, removing any faults here should be a priority. There are various strategies that will help you reduce wasted energy . Whether it’s improving insulation to cut heating bills or using better appliances to cut down

Worth Coming By Thai Baiyok, Lorong Selamat, Penang

BESIDES THE HAWKERS' SPREE IN PENANG, we took a nice Thai dinner at the Lorong Selamat, a shop called Thai Baiyok.  My friend recommended this place for us to go... since my girl and I love Thai food, we readily went for it.  At first we could not locate the place along Lorong Selamat, we overshot it, the shop is on the left side, just a short distance away right after the turning. Thai Baiyok... wonder what it means...  As usual, we had our dinner early to beat the crowd.... The first customers to patronize so that we could get our food in no time.... This is an appetizer dish... I would highly recommend this...  Sweet and spicy at the same time... Just put some fillings onto the leave.... and into the mouth it goes..... And I bet one will not regret once it is there... hahahahaa... Here is the closer version....  Surprisingly we saw Otak-Otak in the menu... And it came out like this... Wrapped like a bird....  Kind of special, right?

My Choice Of Penang Delights

ALRIGHT, I KNOW I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TRAVELING AND DRIVING SO MUCH...  Well, I think I really cannot sit still in Ipoh, something must be "prickly" there and despite my "limp", I still managed to pack my bags and "eloped" the very next morning after my trip down south.  I am not Batman or Batwoman but"BAGWOMAN"...  for I always seem to be leaving with my bag going here and there... hahahaha.... So this "Bagwoman" has landed in the Pearl of the Orient and will be here for some days for a few purposes only known to my family and selected friends.  Since I am here, I will make use of this time to post up what I have eaten for the past few days.... nothing special such as fine dining of the sort instead most of my meals are from hawker stalls on the roadside and in the market.... Prawn noodles at Batu Lancang Market...  Pasembur with sweet potato sauce, I super LIKE! Koay Teow Th'ng should not be missed as well....

10 Quick Beauty Tips Every Busy Mother Should Know

Image link Short on time, tools, resources or funds? There are loads of ways to pull together a fresh-faced beauty look with whatever you have to hand. Just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup if you fancy! Read on for ten beauty tips every busy woman and mother should have in her repertoire. 1. Long day at work, or up all night with the little ones? Slapping concealer all over your undereye bags? Stop right there. Only apply to actual shadow for a far more nature, far more wide-awake look 2. Ripped your tights but in a rush to leave the house? Before you take off your whole bottom half to put on a new pair, just dab a little clear nail polish onto the ladder. This will help it hold in place until you can change them later. 3. Heading out to run around the block with the dog, or take the kids to the park? Beat shine by always having a pressed powder to hand, like these from  Ben Nye . Just three or four seconds sweeping powder over your T-Zone will

Our Wine & Dine At Citrus, Ipoh

BEFORE WE LEFT FOR KUALA LUMPUR LAST WEEK, I took my sister and my BIL for a nice western dinner.... Initially I was undecided to where I should take them, I had three choices in mind, David's Diner, Ye Olde English and Citrus.  And at the last minute, I made up my mind, it will be Citrus, known for their quality food and ambience ......   We arrived at Citrus around 7pm, first customers to enter for dinner.... and after we sat down, some other patrons entered.... We took some minutes ordering and while waiting, we took some pictures near we sat.... Towards the rear.... I took some pictures but they turned out too dark for the it was pretty dim inside... One for the album before our lipstick "vanishes" hahahahaa... Another one while waiting for our main meals...  For starters, BIL ordered Abalone chowder with garlic bread.... Followed by wagyu beef..... a mini sized one! I wonder where it fits into when eaten... hahahahaa... His Comfort