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New KEA Garden At Cameron Highlands

KEA FARM IS JUST SOME WALKING DISTANCE AWAY FROM THE COPTHORNE HOTEL... the last time I came was three years back and there was only the Kea Farm, no Kea Garden yet.  I remember there are two rows of stalls selling fruits, vegetables and souvenirs only.... but now KEA Garden is the latest addition and I could see they are still renovating.  Expanding is more like it..... The next time I come, I am sure there will be something new to explore again....
 Along the KEA Farm, this is the latest addition...
KEA Garden... and I wonder what they had in store then....
 There is an entrance in and a different exit when coming out.... no turning back... 
Meet up with different types of vegetables grown in Cameron Highlands...
I can rest my legs as we walked along... 
 There is a stairway leading to the basement...
Upon entering, colourful flowers welcome the guests.... 
It is free... I mean the entrance is free of charge....
Taking pictures with the flowers are also free...  :)
So this auntie takes opportunity to pose here and there... 
But don't ask me what the names are.... I am "lost"
I guess they are for sale too.... 
Souvenir stalls are available at the lower ground...
Can these last in Ipoh?  I wonder....
 nahhh... this auntie is tired liow....
There is a small cafe to cater us.....
We had a cooling rest here...
Can admire the beautiful scenery behind us while sipping the Cameron Tea....
On the way out, we bought some greens before proceeding back to our hotel to check out.... 
 Bye Camerons... till we meet again...
perhaps in another couple of years!


  1. Nice photos of you with the flowers! I can't remember whether or not I have been to KEA farm. The farm should be around in 2007.

    1. The farm was there all along.... only the garden is new..

  2. I like the decorations as in picture 1 and 3...

  3. Claire, your smile just lights up your blog! What amazing and huge hanging flowers! And I like those giant fruits too. NOT to eat for sure. Such a pretty table and chair, and a great view!

    1. Thank you for your compliment, Ginny! Yes, lovely views over there..

  4. I went Cameron Highlands in 2013, I like your last photo, looks so relaxing with the scenery behind and I like your smile in the last photo too

    I envy your life, retired and enjoy traveling here and there

    1. Been working all my life, now I am getting not younger... so do what I like to do..

  5. Yeah , I been to this place , very nice and lots of flowers!

  6. I think this must be the reason so many people go there recently huh. One stop veggies/fruits/flower seeing place.

    1. Perhaps... and nice to walk in the morning..

  7. Beautiful flowers. I love looking at them.

    1. I think you will spend a lot of time there..

  8. Nice! New, eh? Would love to go again. I go Ipoh, you take me to Cameron, can?

    1. Oh dear, nowadays I cannot drive up Camerons already.. eyesight not as sharp and good cos of the winding... highway OK!! Perhaps you can drive? :)

  9. I will go crazy looking at all those flowers! Sure want to buy all :D


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