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Oriental Cuisine At The Crispy Duck Restaurant In Cardiff


The four of us were very hungry by the time we left the beach and It was amost 7pm when we reached The Crispy Duck in Cardiff.  This restaurant was recommended by my ex-classmate, in fact this Pan-Asian restaurant is opened by her brother.  Husband and wife team, specializing in oriental Chinese and Japanese cuisine with some dish influences from China, Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.... When I heard that, I Must Go!

Using Waze, we managed to find the place easily.... We were greeted pleasantly by a friendly girl from Hongkong.  Wasting no time, we ordered a few dishes from the menu and while waiting, Aaron got engrossed in a newspaper clipping on the wall.
Unfortunately, the boss was not around but he left word for the staff to entertain to our orders...
Soon our dishes arrived.....
No crispy duck ordered cos yours truly is refraining from quack quack meat... 
Big bowl of Tom Yum seafood with big prawns and squids.... 
The treasures were embedded beneath....
This is Honey beered chicken or something like that... 
The sauce has a tinge of sweet and savoury taste... Very Nice... 
Eggplants which I love eating and eating....
This is beef in some special sauce too... Very appetizing....
And the Hungry Four!! 
The dishes might look small in size but do not judge by its size.
They were more than enough for us and until this day, I am still salivating over the Tomyum!
Finally.... When we asked for the bill, the sweet staff told us that it was on the house meal from the boss himself!!   Oh My!!  Though we do not know him or seen him before, it is so nice of him to give us a complimentary dinner..... I quickly called him to thank him but I guess he was still at an important meeting and I messaged our sincere Thanks to him! 

Well, I guess my friend must be behind the treat too... So here I say... Thank You to the Lee-s!
If anyone were to drop in to Cardiff, this is where we feel closer to homecooking food....
The Crispy Duck, an Award Winning Oriental Restaurant! 


  1. How wonderful! Perhaps your classmate told him you were coming. It is all very yummy looking. The beef in sauce looks just like our american beef stew.

  2. There are very few award winning oriental restaurants in England. Kudos to The Crisp Duck.

  3. What??? Why aren't you eating duck? My missus does not eat duck but she can cook the best five-spice stewed duck - she just cooked one for me and my girl to enjoy...and that would be once in a blue moon. Can't get any half as nice outside, just the roast versions.

    1. Wahhhh you are truly blessed with such a wife!!

  4. So generous of the boss to let you all eat on the house. If you knew this beforehand would you have ordered less food?

  5. See the Tom Yam soup, makes me drooling, hehe...

  6. Wah, so nice! Good food and free some more :)


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