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Bye Aberdeen, Hello Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

HAPPY MOMENTS PASSES BY VERY FAST AND SOON IT IS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE... Sounds familiar? Yes, it is time to bade goodbye after a 25 days vacation in UK.  If not for my girl whose semester break has ended, I would have stayed longer... perhaps for another month or two... hahahaha... By then, any mention of Malaysian food will make me drool and drool.....

Anyway, back to the day that we left Aberdeen... on the morning we left for the airport, it was very foggy.  Even Aaron had to drive very slowly to the airport, it was almost 8am.  After checking in our luggage, Aaron left for work.  Our flight was supposed to be at 9.15am... but due to the bad visibility, our flight was postponed till 12 noon.  Yes, all the time we were at the airport just waiting and waiting for further instructions.  We were given 9 pounds voucher for food and drinks and while my girl was buying some sandwiches, announcement came and it was time to board....

Thank God for the smooth one hour plus flight to Amsterdam.  Our connecting flight was supposed to be 1pm... yes, naturally we have missed the flight and we were rebooked to another flight which was at 8pm.  And we have six hours to pass at the Schiphol Airport, ranked as the 6th largest airport in the whole world...
This is the airline that we booked but this is not our flight...
Booking the same reconnecting flight has its benefits... 
Any delays, the same airline will rearrange the next flight... 

So what shall we do during the 6 hours wait?  
No more Train to Busan to watch for one thing... 
We walked around the huge airport... and went from one shop to another.. 
Beautiful Tulips everywhere... 
Thought of getting one of these for Andy.... 
But he replied that he would buy it himself the next time when he goes.... 
Meanwhile we were fascinated by the comfortable and endless resting place here and there... 
A very unfamiliar scene from some airports as in KLIA for one... 
No humans lying and sleeping on these... 
Only this small human who could not resist cuddling the giant bear....
Or it is a Giant Doggy?
There is even one Science section for adults and kids alike to spend time on.... 
A very nice airport to sit quietly and comfortable while waiting for the flight.... 
Alright, time to move on... 
Flight was right on schedule and we reached KLIA 12 hours later... 
And ow we are back in our Home Sweet Home.... 
Thank you for making this trip safe and smooth for us!
Hope to be there once again in 2017!!


  1. I heard the duty free shipping is excellent. I guess you put a padlock on your wallet.

  2. I loves the Giant Doggy, it's sooooo cute...

  3. So much to see and buy in airport.

  4. Welcome back! Now you can have all the local food that you miss. The giant bear/dog is really gigantic!

  5. I would have wanted to stay longer too :) Glad that you are back safe and sound.

  6. Ooooo...the doggy!!! I would want that in my house, so very nice! Welcome home!

    1. hahahaa... I wonder how much that would cost.. thousands perhaps!

  7. Glad you are back. We and Labby miss you. Lol!

  8. 25 days?! Wah, I am so envious!!!
    Anyway glad that you are back safe and souns!

  9. Isn't it great that so many airports have such shops, and are now almost like malls? Especially when you have to spend the day there. Sorry to see your beautiful trip come to an end. We live at the base of the mountains and there is lots of fog regularly. It is usually the low clouds. The road has fog lights in the ground all along the highway, but the fog can be so think that they can be of little help.

    1. Of all days it was foggy when we left Aberdeen... other days, the weather was good!

  10. I see you still have Labby!!! I was afraid to ask, thinking she may have died. Has Nancy been taking care of him for you?

    1. Yes, she is still alive and active.. hahahaa... No, my neighbour took care of Labby!

  11. May be your girl's intention was not lying on the bear. She just want to be an anonymous in the photo taken by the ladies behind her.


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