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Wedding Dinner At Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant, Ipoh

A WEDDING TO REMEMBER! No, no... not my wedding nor my kids' wedding... LOL... The auspicious occasion belonged to one of my good, better, best friend, her son got married on Sunday.  Remember the previous post about sending dowry to the bride's house?  That's the continuation of the wedding plans.. and the real Big Day took place last weekend.  And we the Aunties of the bridegroom were excited about the B-day as much as our all-time-buddy!  We known each other since we were 13, both of us registered our marriage on the same day with our partners, of course... and we seen our babies growing up together.. and now her Baby Boy has tied the knot...*while mine are still pending*... LOL.... Back to the wedding dinner, a few of us went to the restaurant early to help out.  No one was around then and we took the opportunity to have some fun at the photo booth before we began our tasks.... That's US before the guests arrived.... Buddies Forever... Solo...

Dresses For All Special Occasions

From now onward, wedding bells are in the air, invitations to parties and grand dinners are issued out to many of us.  In fact I have received four wedding invitations!  My friends' kids are getting married, most of them are in their late twenties already.  Hmmm... I wonder when my kids are going to get married too.  Hahahaa.... Back to the wedding dinners, I am going to meet up with my old classmates and schoolmates again. I am now feeling kind of excited, of course besides being happy for my friend, I was also looking forward to meeting all my old classmates again on that auspicious day. It has been many years since we last saw each other and I am sure on this occasion, we will have a wonderful time catching up with one another. Meanwhile I was thinking to do something with myself real fast! I think I need a  new “makeover!” Firstly, my hairstyle, I need to perm so that it has a “bouncing” effect, hahahaa…. Secondly, I really need to buy a new dress for this special wedding d

Should You Take a Gap Year or Study While You Travel?

‘Travel whilst you are young’ is one of the most common pieces of advice that the older generation give to young people today. And, travel is one of the best decisions that you can make when it comes to what you do with your life as someone who is young, free and single. As you get older and make more commitments when it comes to your career and perhaps even start your own family, traveling the world can become more and more out of reach. But, for many young people, it’s a choice between traveling or getting a college education. Gap Years Taking a gap year is a great way to get some travel experiences and see the parts of the world that you’ve always wanted to, whilst you are still young and can do so. A gap year is usually taken after you finish high school, and many colleges will allow you to defer your entry so that you know your place on the program is secured for when you return from your travel adventure. A gap year can also be a great way to earn money, perhaps by teaching

Birthday Dinner With Classmates At Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh

THE BIRTHDAY BASH GOES ON.... with my ex-classmates in this round... A few of us gathered at Kok Thai Restaurant... yes, Kok Thai again... LOL... This restaurant really pay me some kind of token for mentioning them again and again!  Everyone seems to love Kok Thai for their food and their reasonable prices, I guess. Coming back to my post, there were eight of us who made it for the gathering.  Birthdays are just an excuse... hahahaha... Food and laughter is more likely the attraction, enough to lure us out from our nests for a couple of hours. It was a night filled with voices and joy.... The dishes that filled our hungry tummies...  The food above can never go wrong....  Then comes the cake for the November BBs....  For the both of us.....  Cutting Cake Ceremony....  LOL....  Thank you to my lovely friends who made our 2016 Birth-Day Memorable!

Preliminary Round Birthday Celebration At Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh

MY REAL BIRTHDAY IS ALREADY OVER BY THE TIME I POSTED THIS... This year's celebration was kind of different from the previous year,  I remember eating my birthday cake and dinner with my leg still in a cast last year.  Nevertheless, it was a very memorable day...  As for this year 2016, my family arranged for a course dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant, so nice of them to make this year's celebration another memorable one as well.... Because of our road trips, this dinner was held a few days earlier than my real date and I super Like it!  Preliminary round, quarter finals, semi finals... and on the real day itself... what more could I ask for?  LOL... I really want to extend my Thanks to my family who supports me through thick and thin and I love you all!  *hey, I think I sound like I am taking an award like those in TVB*  LOL...  This shows I watched too many of them that I know how to make a speech like they do.... LOL.... Firstly... take a look at the Almond Honey L

Road Trip From Johor Back To Sg Buloh

OUR JOHOR TRIP HAS FINALLY CAME TO AN END.... Time for us to leave Johor and back to Sg Buloh.  We started out our journey by filling our tummies full at Changman Dim Sum cafe.  My sisters were very delighted to savor some of the varieties there, everything they put in their mouth sounds like "YUM.. YUM!"  LOL.... All big grins because of the food! Steamed chicken in Koay Teow Soup.... Siew Mai received Thumbs UP too... Ma Lai Koe is so much different from Ipoh...  BEST!  For the sweet tooth ....crispy and fragrant... Johor Beancurd stuffed with fish paste...  Our favourite of all times...  Fried Radish...  With tummies full, our four hours drive took us back safely to Sg.Buloh... No stopping along the way....  First time for me driving using Waze leading us back to where we belong...  We stayed another two nights in KL before returning to Ipoh....  Back to home sweet home for a couple of nights before moving on again...  Again??

Accommodation Made Easy With Online Booking

TRAVEL KNOWS NO BOUNDS... Well, that is what my friends say to me to me every now and then.  Now looking back, I guess they are right in a way. In October 2015, I fell and fractured my leg, just two days before my trip to Europe.  I was contemplating whether to go or not initially and eventually I did, my right leg in a cast and on a wheelchair from the day I boarded the flight to Amsterdam and spending the next three weeks in Scotland and some parts of Europe.  It was quite an adventure for me to be able to tour so many places on a wheelchair and hopping around whenever necessary.  The trip was made possible and enjoyable through my son's meticulous booking on flights, train tickets and accommodation during our three weeks tour. Our first destination was Aberdeen and after spending two weeks there, we flew to Amsterdam for two nights.  From there, we took a train ride to Frankfurt, then Paris and Brussels.  We spent around ten days in these four countries and everything ran s

Freelance On A Monday

THE NEXT MORNING, IT WAS A MONDAY... we were on our own, no more "unpaid Driver"... So no more going faraway places but familiar ones which I know.  For breakfast I took my guests to try something new, noodles which was not found in Ipoh... When I mentioned that We were going for spicy noodles eaten together with two sambal fish, they stared at me with gaping mouths.  Lol.... Well, that is what food adventure is all about, right? Must be adventurous and try new food in new places! And so it is Trengganu noodles as named by the shop.... Pork noodles..... The soup tasted something like prawn noodles in Ipoh.... Specialty is two pieces of steamed fish with different sauce..... After our breakfast, it was Sutera Mall for shopping..... And a light tea while resting our tired legs.... Homecooked food for dinner at last..... First and last before leaving JB... LOL...

Birthday Flowers, Passion And Kisses


Our Evening Treat At Nyonya Treats, Taman Perling, Johor

OUR SHOPPING AT THE JOHOR PREMIUM OUTLET ENDED AROUND 4PM.... We were more or less satisfied with our little loots, we were in fact very good girls for we only bought a pair of shorts after all the walking and eating.  :)   Come to think of it, we were more interested in eating than shopping.  So our next itinerary was Dinner.... and I recommended Nyonya Treats in Taman Perling. We reached Nyonya Treats around 5.20pm, it was not opened.  Quickly I called up after finding out their number through Facebook, to our relief, it opens at 5.30pm... phew... Needless to say, we were the first customers to walk in... LOL... While waiting for them to take orders....  I notice this wooden cupboard at Nancy's Kitchen in Malacca too...  Well, we had one too... during the 1960s....  hmmmmmm....  The Waiting Looks!  Or Hiang or Springrolls... Made from chicken instead of pork....  My favourite.... Cincaluk Omelette... supposedly to be... Assam Curry Squid...