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Wish For You And Me!


Two Meet-Ups, Three Meals On A Beautiful Day

HOW I SPENT MY DAY....  Sacrificed my sleep, waking up earlier than usual and out from my house at 8am to First Garden to have a nice breakfast and most importantly, to meet up with my ex-colleagues, catching up with the latest "gossips" from one another.  LOL... Those days I used to rush back to the office after breakfast but it is so different now.  Eat with peace and leisure, enjoying every moment lingering at the coffeeshop with my gang and this only happens once awhile....  This piping hot of meehoon with fish cost RM8 now! From those days when I was still working, it cost around RM5.50..... What a difference... but then... once awhile, just eat and enjoy! As Hokkien saying, "ku ku jip pai"   LOL...  After the meet-up with the gang, I went home and lazed around the laptop till my second meet-up with a blogger whom I got to know not too long ago... Her name is Irene Chan and she is a sweet young lady who is still working, unlike yours truly.

Reanaclaire Cooks - Steamed, Sauteed And Boiled...

I HAVE BEEN COOKING FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS... very simple homecooked food, fit only to feed simple people like me.  ahemmmm... I like rice, at least once a day if possible, rice is carbohydrates, very fast put on weight if not careful.  Needless to say, I have not been very careful for the past few days, I took rice for lunch and dinner... though small portions like two big tablespoons and after that, I walked for more than half an hour around my neighbourhood... Justified?  Self-consolation.... LOL... So what did I whisk up for my meal?  One soup, 2 dishes.... My first dish that was steamed together with my rice...  One free ranch chicken thigh that cost RM7... Marinated it for an hour with salt, soy sauce, pepper, chinese white wine and ginger...  Okra with french beans and Chinese Goji...  Meatless Beetroot soup with carrots, red dates and goji.....  And my Simple Lunch Meal is Born... 

Nice Varieties At 101 Ban Mee, Station 18, Ipoh

MY SECOND VISIT TO 101 BAN MEE AT STATION 18.... I don't mind coming for my third visit, there are a few more varieties which I would love to taste.  It opens in the morning and by noon or so, the shop will be closed, so the next time I must go earlier to catch the "Water Dumplings" before they run out of stock.  LOL... Quite a distance from my place to Station 18, but food knows no barrier.  As long as there is good company and good food, short or long distance is not an obstacle, right? This is the shop at the Station 18... It is called 101... I wonder why....  Maybe 101 specifies One and Only One Special...  It was after 12pm when we arrived... the shop was half closed just after we entered... Their Fresh Beancurd skin with fish paste is a Must Order.... They are crispy and nice... I wish I could take the whole lot! But I ended up only two... maximum....  This is my order... the normal Ban Mee with spinach...  Dry version also looks nice..

Hakka Noodles In Pasir Puteh And Ice Kacang, Kg Simee, Ipoh

SINCE WE WOKE UP EARLY, we made our way to Jalan Pasir Puteh for our breakfast.  The shop has no specific name, even the name on the signboard has faded but the business did not.  Each day the crowd will be there for their signature Hakka noodles.  And yes, the shop is actually called Hakka Noodles.  That is it, no specific name.... This time we managed to catch some other "ingredients", once after 10am, all we could get were just fish balls.  But beware of a lady who collects the plates and stuff, she could be very "grumpy" if anyone is in her way.  Do not get into her way while she collects, just stay out of her way, squeeze ourselves in one corner while she passes.... LOL... otherwise she will grumble why we do not understand the word "Excuse Me" .... Just simply find whatever space we can squeeze into or just get out of her way.  That is purely safer.... And there is another staff who takes drinks... she is the contrast, she is just so friendly and p

Celebrating Not In Hokkaido But Zento, Ipoh

SUPPOSEDLY TO GO HOKKAIDO LAST EVENING.... but ended up in Sushi Zento instead.  The place in Hokkaido was fully booked for the Christmas Eve, no reservations, no seats, they apologized, it is fine, no worries, we told them.  We adjourned to Sushi Zento, waited for five to ten minutes and we were seated comfortably for the next two hours. By then we were hungry already and ended up ordering more than enough for the three of us...  Everything seems to come in "Twins" for the evening, as my friend mentioned when the food arrived.  . Actually we left the ordering to the one who gave us the treat...  Both of us just have to sit back and wait for the food....  Twin Garlic Rice...  Fried Chicken....  Fried Salmon...  See what I mean? Gozi...  Another type of Gozi...  Ramen... only this did not come double...  Otherwise we won't be able to finish! And Teriyaki Saba to go with our rice...  The two happy ladies who get the Christmas Treat! T

Combat My Cholesterol By Exercising And EATING

MY LIFESTYLE NEEDS TO BE CHANGED...  All eating and no exercise won't do, I tell myself.  Alright, it is from the doctor's advice too, I need to refer back to him in three months time to check my cholesterol level again, at the moment, it is on the high side.  I know I have not been exercising regularly for the past half year, everything is moderately fine except for too much meat and lack of exercise, that is all I can say. Now I am back in Ipoh, I cannot be lazy anymore.  Starting from Monday, I will resume my line dancing classes again, this time my dancing will be more "robotic" in the sense that no more "curly moves" as in the previous year before my fall.  For now, my dancing moves will be to a certain level, will be Hard moves and not refined, get what I mean?  LOL... Having said that, I started off my day by waking up as early as 6.30am, went to the toilet with blurry eyes (reminded me of my workaholic days) and I was out from the house by 7.30am


During our stay in Aberdeen, my son booked British Airways domestic flight to London for us.  We did not check in any luggage, like Air Asia, we need to pay for check in bags.  So having a cabin bag will do, 7kg for a ten days stay is enough for each of us.  Before going to the airport, my son cautioned us to put our toiletries in a transparent plastic zipper bag for customs inspection.  For males, no problem but us two ladies, we took the smallest cleanser, moisturizer and whatever cream we need for the face, all as small as we could get, all below 100ml.  We felt most confident that nothing could go wrong.... until..... We passed the screening bag machine, my girl and my boy had no problem with their bags and plastics but I was the one being "detained".... One lady officer asked me whether that bag belonged to me together with the plastic zipper and I said Yes.  Then she told me to go one side and again she asked me the same question.  Meanwhile my son and daughter we

Double Celebration At Oceanville Restaurant, Ipoh

BIRTHDAY CUM CHRISTMAS DINNER with my ex-classmates again! Last evening we had our double celebration at Oceanville Restaurant at MH Hotel here in Ipoh.  It is a Halal restaurant as far as I know, I have never been there before and anything new, I am all for it.  The drizzling did not dampen the twelve of us and we turned up punctually at the room reserved for us.... 12 ladies are no joke... when one talks, everyone talks... so room it is for US!  LOL... Food is the second priority, all we want is a good Fun and Laughter... we ended up having a very simple dinner actually but the price is not at all "simple."  LOL... Requested for noodles instead of rice....  For the twelve of us, this is a L size portion...  And the dishes that came after....  Claypot ginger chicken...  Sweet and Sour Fish... Four types of beans in sambal belacan... Ostrich meat with ginger and spring onions... Peanut and Tong Yuen for the sweet tooth.... Double celebrati