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NUTELLA Personalised Gift For You!


It is "payback" time from me to you, alright to be more precise, the gifts come from Nutella!  hahahahaa...  This time there will be Not One but Five prizes, a jar of creamy and delicious hazelnut spread of goodness, suitable at all time of the day, be it morning, noon, evening and night meals.  Not only that, you can have the opportunity to customise your own Nutella jar with a personalized message for yourself or for your special one!

For a chance to be one of the five winners, all you got to do is this.... 

I love Nutella because ................................(stories about or with your loved ones)

For example, “I love Nutella because it’s a moment where my mother and I would bond over breakfast. Despite our busy schedule and the tough time that we had, we would always make time to sit down for breakfast and she would make me a special Nutella sandwich. It was simple and yet, memorable. So the message I would like to dedicate to my mom is “Special”.

If you like, you can also add in a captioned photo or video (30 seconds the most) capturing inspiring moments with your loved ones too.  And lastly and not least, please state what message you want to be featured on the jar (12 characters) 

That's it!  Very simple... and if you have better and inspiring stories to tell, please do so in One of the following options below:
i)  My blog post comment page here
ii)  My facebook page under Reana.claire
iii) My email :

FIVE winners will be chosen and will be sent a customised jar of yummy Nutella with the dedicated message printed on it.  OH YES, the BEST entry among the 5 winners will be given an added surprise, I won't tell you now.... keep you suspense first till I announce the winners.... 

Contest Disclaimers 
  • Contest is sponsored by Nutella SEA
  • Contest will run from 20 February 2017 to 20 March 2017. Submissions after 20 March, 11.59 p.m., will not be accepted.  (Winners will be announced soonafter)
  • Prizes will be delivered to the mailing address of winners from 1-15 April
  • Participants must be aged 18 and above.
  • Participants of the contest must be Malaysian citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia
  • Prizes will only be delivered within West Malaysia
  • Nutella SEA reserves the right to terminate, suspend or amend the contest, without prior notice.
  • By participating, each entrant grants Nutella SEA permission to use his/her name, submission details, and comments for publicity purposes.
  • Maximum message length is 12 characters inclusive of spaces
  • No endearments are allowed
  • No vulgarities will be accepted
  • Capital letters will not be accepted
  • Numbers will not be accepted
  • Symbols allowed are ' ! ? #
  • Only English and Manglish messages are allowed
After all being said and done.... Come On, Let's Do IT!  Cream your way to Nutella!


  1. I love nutella because of its rich chocolate content and the fragrance of hazelnuts. The first time I tasted nutella was on toasted bread and it was in Cameron Highland. Eating toasted bread spread with nutella and with a hot cup of coffee in the cool morning at Cameron Highland was a very memorable breakfast.

  2. I love Nutella because it brings back childhood memories where Nutella was a very prestigious spread back then and we could not afford to eat this jar of goodness often. I remember my brothers and I would be feel very ecstatic whenever my mom bought back a small jar for us. After our main meals, we would still spread a piece of bread or two with the Nutella, be it morning, noon or night! Now we have grown up, getting a jar from the shelf is not a "problem" anymore, we are still loving Nutella to bits! Satisfaction for the day is guaranteed with creamy Nutella! Yummssss...


  3. I love Nutella simply because it tasted yummylicious! Besides, I use to spread them on biscuits, cookies and mix it with my chocolate drink!! Have Nutella and it gives everyone a booast in the morning!

  4. ya, i second stp above, all the best to all who are taking part! :)

  5. I love Nutella simply because it is so good. That is not an inspiring slogan, so all the best to those taking part in this giveaway!

  6. Claire, this is my all time favorite bread spread!

    I love Nutella because it keeps me happy all day with it's rich and creamy nutty chocolatey taste. Yummmmssss!!!!

  7. I love Nutella because I grow up eating this chocolate jam with my family. Our family love bread and my mom is at her wits end trying to think of what different spreads to lay on the table each morning. One time I remember she put four or five different bottles of jam on the table and we had a good laugh on that particular morning. Well, I guess this is quite common with families especially with five young kids all still schooling. Now we are all grown up, most of my siblings are either here or there, all leading different lives. How I wish we could all sit at the dining table again with four or ten jars of jam in front of us! These are really beautiful imaginations in my mind at the moment. Nutella is one of them!!

  8. I love Nutella because it reminded me of my college days when a group of us would gather in one of the hostel rooms and have a good time eating! I remember one of my friends brought a jar of Nutella and few loaves of bread. We could not afford to buy buckets of KFC, Pizza or Macdonalds then, we were the growing age stage that time, all we could do is to boil eggs, make sandwiches and for desserts, we spread Nutella on the remainder of the bread. In no time the Nutella would "vanish"... we were the young ones and all of us love Chocolate! Those were the good old days!

  9. This is a great giveaway... Here is my reason of loving Nutella!
    I love Nutella because it brings back sweet memories for me and my girlfriend during our dating days. Both of us were in college and I remember that we love to eat bread with Nutella for our first meal in the morning. One jar of Nutella can last us almost a week, we spread only a thin layer on our bread, we save money on our breakfast because we were students then. Now she is my wife and we are already working. We do not have to budget as much as we did last time, we can have Nutella every single day of our lives from now on! LOL...


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