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The Long And Winding Road Trip

ONE FINE MORNING, WE WOKE TO A CLEAR BLUE SKY....  the guests in Sacramento were looking forward to a river drive and we passed by a few towns and cities.  Before leaving the house, I had a crazy time doing some "modeling" no one in Malaysia expected me to... LOL...  The moment the pictures were being taken, the sky turned cloudy... oh dear, hope the rain would not start otherwise our spirits would be dampened. :)

Our road trip started from Sacramento to Freeport, Hood, Courtland, Locke, Walnut Grove, Ryde and further down south to Rio Vista, then passing through Lodi, Galt and back to Sacramento.  Interesting?  How did I manage to remember all these names?  Now I am getting smarter, I took a picture of the map on the way so that I can remember!  On the way, we sang songs... especially Lodi pronounced or "Lor Dai" and there is this song by CCR and we started to sing this when we passed Lodi.... Just about a year ago, I set out on the road... seeking my fame and fortune, looking for a pot of gold... Things got bad and things got worse, I guess you know the tune... Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again..... "  Anyone remembers this song?  :)

Reanaclaire's many poses before setting out on the road..... 
Hi Fren!!
Jom!!  Let's Go!
The long and winding road....
That leads me to your door.... 
Will never disappear.....
I've seen that road before...
It always lead me here....
Lead me to your door....
The wild and windy night, that the rain washed away....
Has left a pool of tears, crying for the day.....
Why leave me standing here.... Lead me to your door.....
Sorry, sorry, I was being carried away by this song...
The Long and Winding Road.....
Pear Trees.... everywhere along the road....
Starting to bloom.....
Taking a Break along the way...... 
Half mission accomplished....


  1. Wow! Pewiit! Look at Claire's stylish poses that could be on the covers of VOGUE magazine. I love your boots, so glam!

  2. wah lau eh..... you so cute la posing like that LOL

  3. Wah, you are having the time of your life! Your poses are so very nice! Very natural and professional. Hope to see more photos of you posing.

  4. The bottom left picture makes me think of TM, hehe...

  5. You are looking so cute today, Claire! So glad you are having so much fun on your visit!! Wish you were closer to me, we could meet.

  6. I remember that last time you were in the States, you went on a very long trip here, there and everywhere. I guess there are still a lot of places you have not been to, worth checking out. Have fun!

    1. That was two years ago after my retirement... :)

  7. I dont mind the cloudy weather as long as no rain. You are so cute, posing here and there. Love the photos.

    1. My kids will have a fit when they see these.. Lol

  8. I love the big, open spaces.

  9. I like your jacket and boots! And such scenic photos

  10. look so rugged. :p


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