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I Am A Traveling Nomad

REACHED IPOH IN THE EVENING after more than 24 hours journey.. My journey started from Sacramento, a two hours drive to San Francisco, then a 17 hours flight to Kuala Lumpur, excluding transit at Hongkong for two hours, reaching Kuala Lumpur at 12.30pm in the afternoon.  From the airport, we "hired" a driver to take us back to Ipoh, another three hours drive... and finally stepping into my home sweet home at around 4.30pm... Phewwww.... Thank GOD for journey mercies and smooth journey all the way back.... good to be home again after 90 days....

Oh wait!! I spoke too soon... In less than 48 hours in Ipoh, I was "whisked off" again!  Yes, I am Not a robot but it happened this way... The next moment, I found myself in Penang, I was told not to worry, she would be doing all the driving, all I need to do is to sit back and relax.  Relax?  No way, the moment she started to drive, I have to sit up and be on the look-out!  LOL...

At least I spent two nights in Ipoh before leaving my nest again... I didn't even have time to unload my suitcases, my goodness... all I did was to pack a few belongings and off we went....
And here I am.. sitting up, eyes open and looking at the road.... 
Thank goodness, no jet lag... *slept a lot on the plane*
Second Bridge is very quiet... 
Good, no traffic jam...
And while my girl attended to some functions,
 I took some simple meals such as these.... 
Penang Hokkien mee... 
Most missed... Laksa without shrimp paste...
Chives Dumplings...
Durian ice cream!!
Reminded me of Leatherby's in Sacramento...
Ok, don't compare..... 
This is only RM3.50... so I won't comment anything... LOL...
hmmmm.....What shall I say...... 
By the way... 
is Wonder Woman still flying around the movie theater?


  1. you are indeed a flying wonder woman! :D

  2. Wah! You are one super woman! For me 2 nights in Penang left me tired and sleepy!

  3. Indeed you are a nomad! I would pengsan like that. Me is no wonder woman. Good for you that you can sleep on the plane. I was wide awake on the way there and back.

    1. I took half a tablet for motion sickness so I was fine... otherwise will be like Zombie!

  4. Bet you missed our local delights so much while you were in the US. Hmmm...Penang again. Gotta go regularly to handle your financial matters there? Your millions in the bank?

    1. I wish what you said will come true!! hahahaa

  5. always travelling~ need a good rest though, to regenerate. hahahaa

  6. You have a lot of energy, Claire!! All the food looks very good today!

    1. Very different from what I have eaten last three months!

  7. Durian ice cream and Penang Hokkien Mee, I like...

  8. I like the Penang Hokkien Mee

  9. What a good life you had with 90 days vacation! Now making me envious with your trip to Penang!!! Waaaaaah!!


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