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Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

SOME DO IT NICE, SOME NOT SO... and all these opinions are solely mine cos my taste buds may differ from others... as the saying goes, One man poison is another man bacon...

 I like to start off the day with a good and satisfying meal, for this is the time of the day where I feel the "lightest" and I can eat double or triple portion without feeling tightness on my waist.  For the past three days, I went to three different places for breakfast, out of the three meals I had, one did not turn out nice for me... and as the song goes, two out of three ain't bad.
Does this one look good and tasty?
Yes, indeed it did look nice... but when I took the first mouthful, 
Oh dear, something is definitely not right...
The lard or was it the sauce, it had one kind of smell that turned me off...
Nevertheless, I finished it ... 
Came with these and one word, not fresh...
Fishballs were just flour and tasteless... 
Breakfast spoilllll... RM5.60
My girl ordered the Chee Cheong Fun... RM4
Came out flooded with sauce like this... 
Another disappointment... 
Our first meal of the day totally unsatisfactory...
Ok, struck off from our list... LOL...
Second breakfast on another day was good.. or much better...
We had this type of noodles at Taman Desa Rishah... 
Initially was this... 
Everything in this bowl was good!
Then we ordered extra... 
Two plates of noodles plus these varieties cost RM12

And this morning we had Pan Mee near Paragon hotel...RM4.80
Waited nearly 25 minutes for our meal...
My girl complimented the moment she took her first spoonful...
Our day began well..... 


  1. My favourite is the pan mee. If want to eat this, be prepared to wait. I love the spicy chili pan mee, dry version too.

  2. Looks can be deceiving. Hockkien saying....ho kua moh chiak. Tiok boh?

  3. Whenever you need a 3rd opinion.......

  4. must be too porky taste. too much flour in fish balls, hhhmmm really not nice. rm4.80 for pan mee is such a good price.

  5. It is a pity that the first breakfast did not turn out well

  6. Argh! Where was the first breakfast taken? Must avoid that shop!

    1. Yeah, avoid... tell you secretly next time.. hahaha

  7. The bad meals LOOK good! But,maybe the lard or oil was rancid! And too much sauce on your girl's dish!

  8. Well, at least, all was good the next round of breakfast that you had.

    1. Yeah, most important is the first meal of the day..


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