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At Last, A Weight Loss Diet That Shows Results Fast

It is possible to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. The way to do it is a combination of many things - diet, exercise, calorie deficit, etc. There are many weight loss diets that show results fast. But the one diet synonymous with quick weight loss is the Military Diet. The military diet One of the most successful quick weight loss diets, the military diet promises fast results in the quickest possible time. We are speaking of ten pounds in seven days! That’s astounding indeed. The week is broken up into two phases. Both have calorie deprivation as their goal. The first three days is 1400 calories. The next four days, the calorie count stays at 1400-1500 and no higher. There’s also a lowest point the calories can go to and no lower; 1200 for women and 1250 for men. 2200 for women is the number of calories your body needs to stay energetic, emotionally stable and not suffer from hunger pangs. But with a name like military diet, one thing it’s not is

Morning And Evening Meals In Ipoh Food Town

MORNING AND EVENING FOOD... I always look for the first meal of the day outside... no home food in the mornings.  I will feed myself up to the brim and that is it for the whole day till sun sets.  The moment I open my eyes in the morning, I will think of what to eat for breakfast.  LOL... But before going out, I will drink a water followed by a mug of fruit juice... *provided I am not lazy and fruits are available*.... then after doing the normal household chores and freshening up, the car will zoom to where I want to go.  If I do not have anyone to eat with me, my breakfast will be "tar-pau-ed" *takeaway*... I still cannot take a meal eating alone in a shop, all by myself.... If possible, I want COMPANY!  LOL.. Yes, this morning I have company...  We went for Hakka noodles near Ali Pitchay Road, just next to the Methodist Kindergarten...  With a couple of these fish balls to go with the noodles...  A big bowl of noodles and these can last me one whole day

Seafood Dishes At Soo Hak Yee, Bercham, Ipoh

AT HIS SERVICE.... They arrived early morning at 10am, driving all the way from Johor at 4am in the morning.  Though the traffic was not heavy, the long drive still takes six hours to reach Ipoh.  I have not seen them for nearly two months, time really flies.  And the first thing they did when they arrived at the doorstep was to go for a good breakfast!  LOL... After breakfast we went shopping for pomeloes and Ipoh famous biscuits... by then it was almost afternoon.  Told them to take a good rest before going for dinner.  There is one place I have planned to take them for dinner, it is called Soo Hak Yee in Bercham.  I have been there several times and the food was not bad though it was a bit pricey especially when it comes to Crabs!! Wanted them to try this Freshly made giant bread... 3 choices of fillings... curry chicken, crabs or prawns... We opted for crabs! And here it goes...  Inside the bread, there are two big crabs...  This alone cost around RM170!

Beauty In Hairstyles

There is a saying that the most important feature on a human is the hair when it comes to looking beautiful.  Needless to say most of us are born with beautiful and natural hair and we do want to look even better especially for ladies.  The best option to have a better look and beauty is to don some pretty full lace wigs and changing our current hairstyles to be more sophisticated.   When it comes to choosing wigs, you should take your complexion and the style of your clothes. For example, if your skin is white and your clothes are of classic style, you might as well take the black straight full lace wig as your best choices because it can perfectly let you look extremely elegant and will without doubt help you showcase your unique charm in an appealing manner. But if your skin is brown and your clothes are of sparkling style, you can have a try on the ombre weave wig to make you become much more shining and help you catch all the people’s eyes at the first time they see you.  

Glamorous Wigs For Ladies

In today’s modern fashion world, wigs are increasingly becoming an important part of a person’s fashion accessories. No longer are wigs look upon as something someone has to wear to hide or cover up his or her thinning hair or baldness due to natural shedding of hair or medical reasons. Gone were the days where wigs were awkward in appearance. With just one look, everyone knows that it was a wig on the wearer’s head. Not only were wigs very obvious, they were hot, causing much discomfort and itchiness to the wearer’s scalp and many have to endure the discomfort and suffering of wearing the old fashioned wigs.  Try frontal closure for more comfort and natural wave and the wide selection of designs. Wigs are here to stay because wigs are making a mark in today’s fashion world. More men and women are owning wigs like they own clothing, shoes and accessories. In today’s modern trend, men and women are willing to spend their money on wigs just like they are willing to spend on

Christmas Treat At Citrus Ipoh Garden East

PRE-CHRISTMAS DINNER... Yes, we went for a western dinner again, this time it is not Italian but a real western meal.  This time our dinner was at Citrus, Ipoh Garden East.  We did not make any reservation so we went there as early as 5.45pm to beat the crowd.  True enough we were the first customers to arrive.... and soon the tables were all occupied by the time we left the premises.... For starters, we have wild mushroom soup....  Pumpkin creamy soup....  Lamb Shank....  Beautifully grilled.. medium well...  I think it cost around RM60 plus...  Veal something...  Braised Veal...RM55 My order is Grilled Sirloin Steak...  Medium done too... RM68 As for desserts, we had the Symphony... RM22 A mixture of this and that....  Enough for the three of us! The bill came to around RM280 plus...  I have to thank my friend for this lovely scrumptious meal!!

Quirky Things to Do in Singapore

If you have been planning for that long-awaited vacation to Singapore then look no further. And more so, if you have been wanting to explore the hidden gems of the place. There are several options from some of the most offbeat tourist attractions which will allow you to experience Singapore like never before. So, if your friends say they have already been to Singapore, don’t let that be an excuse. Plan a trip that includes some of the quirkiest attractions to make it a memorable experience. There are several travel websites that offer amazing deals on group bookings so you can book cheap flights from Mumbai to Singapore . With that being taken care of, what remains is to plan your days to include activities and places which will ensure that you have an unforgettable trip to Singapore. So, here are some unusual things you can explore in and around Singapore. Hipster Zones Well, if you are college-going and would love to hang out in some of the most happening places in Sin

Christmas Gifts For Us

PRE CHRISTMAS... Kids are home!  Except for the double AA who is too far away.... anyway, though he cannot be back, his gifts arrived safely..... LOL... His colleague passed a Backpack to the small A to bring back to Ipoh.  Inside the bag, there are individual gifts for us, what a nice surprise!  LOL... I received another present from them, he ordered an online backpack specially for me from Europe, shared by the three of them.    ahemmmm... . cough cough... Thank you once again my dears!! They got me a Anti Theft Backpack for my travels, knowing how careless I can be at times and after hearing so many cases of being pickpockets in some parts of the world, it is better to take precaution of our important items when traveling.... Looks like an ordinary backpack... With some hidden compartments here and there...  So it is called Anti-theft Backpack...  Should be very useful especially traveling near or far...  The zips are concealed and the fabric is anti-cut so

Owning a Motorcycle: Pros and Cons

Image source So, you have decided you want the thrill and freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. The next step is deciding whether you should buy the motorcycle outright, or whether you should look at other options that are available. This can be a difficult decision to make. Below, you will discover the pros and cons of owning a motorcycle so that you can make up your mind. PRO – THE MOTORCYCLE IS YOURS – One of the major benefits associated with buying a motorcycle is that it will become yours. You will own it. You can then sell it, and you can customise it any way you want. A lot of people don’t like leasing in general because they feel like they have nothing to show for their money. CON – IT REQUIRES A LARGE UPFRONT PAYMENT – One of the main reasons why people feel like they have no choice but to lease a motorcycle, or any type of vehicle for that matter, is because they cannot afford the upfront cost associated with buying a motorcycle. With leasing, you w

Christmas Cheers To Hope, Lotus, Lighthouse.....

ON TWO FINE MORNINGS AROUND 8.30AM, OUR CAROLING GROUP SET OUT AGAIN... The places we went to are Hope Haemodialysis, Comfort Home, Lotus Home, an elderly couple's house, Lighthouse, Chinese Med Hospital and Daybreak. At each place, we sang a five to six Christmas songs, some of them include Joy To The World, O Come O Ye Faithful, Drummer Boy, O Holy Night, Go Tell It on the Mountains, Angels We have Heard On High among the twelve songs we have chosen and ends with We Wish You A Merry Christmas with cheers and wishes! We spent some time distributing some cookies and lingering with the people for a short while before proceeding to our next venue.  It was a fun and cheery day for all of us, though of course, by the end of the day, we were feeling very exhausted.  No doubt about that, we are no more "spring chickens" but nevertheless, our voices and laughter do not tell on us.  LOL..... All in all, we visited around seven venues on three different days.  This is the

Five Unexpected Reasons Why People Want to Buy From You

In case you would like to run a successful eCommerce business, you might want to learn more about your potential customers and their preferences. People will never buy from your company: it is always personal. If you would like to provide what they are looking for, it is time to figure out what makes them tick and open their wallet, typing their credit card details in the small boxes. Read five unusual reasons why customers might decide to buy from you and not somebody else. Image by PxHere 1.    They Feel Appreciated You need to let your potential customers know that you value their business, and appreciate their visit to your site. Automate your communication, and send out updates. Make sure that you personalize every email and newsletter, and send out offers that are relevant to them. If you know that your customer has a cat, don’t send out dog products if you own an online pet shop. Make your customers feel valued, appreciated, and personally looked after, even if you