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10 Course Dinner At Well Season Seafood Restaurant, Saramento

CHINESE DINNER... The next day Aaron would be flying back to Scotland... and my sister arranged for a sit-down dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in Elk Grove for the 10 of us.  According to my sister, the Well Season Seafood Restaurant was opened not too long ago, she had not tried the food there before... the menu seems "endless"... .  Since there were ten of us, she opted for a eleven course dinner at around $200 inclusive of beer and an extra dish. Our early dinner started at 6.30pm..... everyone seemed to be very punctual... no Malaysian time anyway.. LOL.. and after settling down for a couple of minutes, our food were served... We were more or less the first customers of the day....  My sister prefers early dinner, easier to digest to avoid gaining weight... LOL.... First dish.... soup as appetizer... I forgot what soup it was... actually.. Beancurd or something....  But I remember taking two rounds of it...  Our first dish... Cold platter... Bu

Old Town Sacramento And Candy Barrel

FROM THE STATE CAPITOL, we adjourned to Old Town, Sacramento... Since it was a weekday, there were not many tourists but come weekends, the place will be filled with people.  During the summer and weekends, there are horse drawn carriage rides and street performers dressed in garb and strumming guitars... I remember during my previous visit a couple of years ago, there was some kind of performance on the street too. It was very quiet on a weekday.....  Carriage ride for the tourists...  No, we did not get into one...  Looks very cowboy-ish... minus the cars, that is...  Railroad museum along the river bank...   A historic train pulled by vintage diesel locomotives from the museum’s collection. And from here, we walked to the stores.... Along the planks sideway....  To a famous store...  SALT WATER TAFFY CANDIES STORE!! Over 70 flavors including Banana, Carmel Apple, Buttered Popcorn, Peanut Butter,  Guava & Mango, oh.. that is all I ca

Looking Good With Hair Extensions

In this post I am going to talk about Hair.... starting with myself, I notice that my hair grows fast.  In less than a month, I could see half an inch or one centimeter longer.  How do I know the length?  Easy, the reason is when new hair comes out, they are white in colour!  Yes, no joke... according to my hair stylist, my whole head of hair has become grey!  If not for the hair dyes, I have long silver hair in no time.  Sounds kind of scary but true... I need to don wigs on my head cos dyeing the hair too regularly is not a welcoming thought.   So what kind of wigs do I need?  I need to get more information about wigs, hair extensions and so forth.  Checking online is pretty easy, there are many websites offering easy ways of donning a wig or putting on human hair weave .  F or those who are regular users of hair extensions, they would have by now familiarized themselves with the different types of hair extensions available in the marketplace. First, there are synthetic hair a

A Visit To the California State Capital, Sacramento

DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO.... Aaron's holiday in Sacramento has almost come to an end... the day before he left, he was taken for a tour in downtown State house. According to the wikipedia... the  California State Capitol  is home to the  government of California . The building houses the  bicameral   state legislature  and the  office of the governor . The grounds of the capitol form the  Capitol Park .  Located in  Sacramento , the  Neoclassical  structure was completed between 1861 and 1874   At the grounds leading to the California State Capitol... Memorial grounds for the heroes who served the country... A guided tour at the grounds....  Tour guide giving a brief talk on every monument we passed by....  Front and back of the State Capital.... And one of the tourists....  Statue of Queen Isabella and Columbus commenorating her decision to finance a voyage to the New World... Fascinated....  At the Assembly Chamber.... where a m

World Top 5 Places To Visit

With the world full of fascinating destinations, choosing perfect place to spend vacations can be very challenging and time consuming.   To plan a holiday, we need to do some research if we are planning to go places out of our own country. There are so many things which need to be finalized like choosing destination, hotel booking, making list of places to visit and most importantly flight booking. In case, if you don’t have much time to do all these things then do everything online, it is so easy making reservations online such as the  MAS airlines online booking site and book your tickets. Must visit places in world - Dubai - This place is a home to world’s tallest and most expensive tower, city of superlatives, world’s largest manmade marina, world’s largest shopping malls and much more. But, on smaller scale emirates is tied still to its old day, tradition and culture. Natural sands of Jumeriah beach, traditional wooden abras, motorboats on Dubai creek, bustling spice and

Homemade Turkey Jerky

BAKING MODE IS ON! My aunt nearly dropped her specs when I told her that I know how to make Bah Kwa aka Pork Jerky.  I know it is hard for her to believe ... LOL... For someone who does not know how to cook well at home, it is astonishing, she said!  Alright, Aunt... seeing is believing....  let me fold up my long sleeves first, hang on... hahahaa....  This time we did not make beef or pork jerky but Turkey!  My sister had a pound of minced turkey meat in her fridge so let's make do with that, shall we?  LOL... Firstly marinate the pound of minced turkey meat overnight....  The next day this was neatly done.... 25 minutes of baking in the oven.... Then cut them up like these....  Into the oven they went again...  10 minutes baking on each side...  Done!! Onto the plate .....  Ooopssss... caught in the act! Now she "believes" in me... LOL....  For the full recipe, it is here . Thank you for coming by! I wanted to a