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Miyahara Best Ice Cream In Taichung

BEST OF THE BEST... Before we left for Taipei, my son requested one last destination in Taichung, he said we must not leave Taichung without trying the best ice cream in town.  It is called Miyahara, one of the most popular retail stores in Taiwan.  Well, it is not surprising that it would be crowded and to be IN the crowd as a tourist even though the prices can be "sky-high" to me.  Let's join the crowd... see what they have in store.  No regrets, Miyahara is indeed very impressive, from an old eye hospital and now being recreated into something really charming, selling their house brand ice cream, pineapple pastries, chocolates, tea, cookies and snacks.  All these suit me real fine especially the Ice Cream, which is their most popular item in the store.  To our shock, the queue was really long, the whole length of the building from the back to the front, we lined up for our turn.  Well, if we can't beat them, we just simply join them... after all, it is ICE CREA

Local Food At The Dark Palace, Taichung

RECOMMENDED BY TOUR GUIDE... Our tour guide is a husband-and-wife team.  Both of them fetched us from the airport.  The wife is a Malaysian but married to a Taiwanese man and both of them were "hired" by us for two days.  They recommended their local food and took us to places where locals go.  During the two days, we had lunch with them and one of them is called Dark Palace in Taichung.  This time we were smarter, we did not order one main dish for each of us as on our first day... Dark Palace Taiwanese Gourmet... Serves different types of noodles and rice meals...  As usual, the mother sits while waiting to be served... LOL...  We had noodles.. Something like Pan Mee in Ipoh...  We had rice too... with fried chicken.... Pork chop rice... Looks good, eh.... Three bowls for the four of us...  The portion is just nice....  Saving up our tummy space for desserts next!

Rainbow Village, Taichung

INTERESTING SIGHTS... the next morning, the tour guide took us to a tourist spot called Rainbow Village in Taichung.  Highly recommended to go, this place is not to be missed. There is a history behind this brightly painted village, a cluster of houses was in fact a veterans village back in the 1940s.  Huang Yong Fu also known affectionately as Rainbow Grandpa was one of the last remaining veterans living in this area.  He is a military veteran who was born in Hong Kong and fought against the communists in the ROC army.  Rainbow Village was started by Mr. Huang who came up with a way to protest against the demolition of this small collection of houses.  The government began an aggressive program of demolition the villages in the 1990s and replacing them with new high rise apartment buildings for the displaced families.  Rather than fighting with the government, he decided to paint so as to brighten up the village, starting with his own house and moving on to the next house and sofort

The Reason I Follow The Young To Taiwan

NOT SO MUCH ON SIGHTS... but more to the love of food adventures! Yes, I love to hang out with the youngsters, they have endless appetite, they have no worries on overeating, they don't have realms on being overweight and they like to try anything nice on sight.  One more reason.... I love to eat but I cannot take large portions, that is not a problem, the young people can finish the unfinished.  LOL...  And during our first day itself, we visited a night market and all we did was stuffing ourselves.  "Let's Try The Food" is our theme for this trip!  LOL... And we certainly did.... the best thing is that none of us gained any weight.... All the Walking against the cold weather played an important part so do not worry about over-indulging.  We certainly need the body fats to keep us warm! The crowd at the night market....  Queuing up for the food is very normal.... The best of the best is that I just have to wait and take pictures...  Another good reas

Mun Soon At Boon Pak Garden, Ipoh

FIRST TIME TO MUN SOON... My friends know better, this couple eat out quite often and it is a wonder that they could remember the names of the shop too.  And I, being a food blogger for more than 10 years now is still learning from my friend who has just started blogging four years ago!  LOL... Now what I normally do is to go to her blog and get the name of the place which we go to for our meals.  LOL... So easy and convenient as she is more updated than me, she blogs real quick, her posts her more current so to say.  I have been slacking lately, maybe due to my busy schedule, running up and down every now and then to here and there to goodness knows where.  LOL... Back to my present post, we had dinner here one fine evening.... Mun Soon is the name and we waited nearly one whole hour before our food was served on our table!   Price is pretty reasonable here, around RM60 for the four of us with these dishes below... Marinated Pork Ribs but without bones...  And happy s

10 Personal Trainer & Fitness Tips to Help You Build Muscle

So, you’ve been hitting the gym for a few weeks now, but still aren’t seeing any results. This is common issue experienced by plenty of people who have the drive, determination, and will, but still have trouble reaching their fitness goals. The best solution to this problem is to work with an experienced personal trainer to help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve your fitness routine. However, not everyone likes the idea of working with a personal trainer. So, for those who’d rather achieve their goals on their own, we’ve spoken to a few fitness experts, and put together this helpful list of 10 training tips to help you burn fat, enhance endurance, and build muscle. Make Sure You Understand How to Build Muscle Ask any personal trainer and they’ll tell you that there are a certain muscle-building basics that everyone should know. For starters, you’re going to need to increase your caloric and protein intake, which will give your body the buildi

Shopping For Gifts

WINDOW SHOPPING... at AEON Station 18.  The Chinese New Year mode was still on, lots of decoration and cherry blossom here and there.... And of course, yours truly cannot resist...  Went into Kaisen... and found this...  Really thought of buying... They brighten up the living hall... don't they? One might not be enough... Two's a company.... Good choice for home improvement? Or as gifts? By the way, one cost RM23.90...  Cheap or not cheap?

Fine Presentation At Dim Sum Yuen, Ipoh Garden, Ipoh

FIRST TIME coming by to Dim Sum Yuen, formerly known as Kao Lee in Ipoh Garden.  It took a Kuala Lumpur lass to inform me that Ipoh has this fine dining Dim Sum in Ipoh Garden, I am indeed not up to date with the latest here in Ipoh... friends call me Food Blogger and yet I am way behind the name.  LOL... Anyway, thanks to my outstation friend, we came to taste the goodness and the admire the presentation at Dim Sum Yuen.  The place has a nice ambiance, neat and clean to our eyes and not noisy at all unlike the other restaurants selling dim sum.  Menus were given to us upon seating and we just have to mark whatever we wanted on a piece of paper.  I prefer it this way, we can order without having to say "No" to those normal dim sum carriers in the restaurant.  We did not have high expectation on the food, perhaps due to the non-crowding in the restaurant.  Well, we were wrong in thinking such.  The food we ordered were up to our expectation or should I say beyond... Four of