Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Homemade Laksa In Aberdeen

Brought the Laksa paste all the way from Penang and regretted that I did not buy more!
My sister and I managed to prepare four bowls of Laksa and the soup was so good that I wish I bought more instead of just one packet.  Tasted exactly like what we had in Penang.. we added crushed pineapple and two cans of sardines.  Lol..
Eating Laksa in this cold weather is a bliss!


  1. Penang laksa? I prefer curry laksa and of course, our own Sarawak laksa.

  2. yummmmm…...I must go buy this paste when in Penang!

  3. Nice to cook something that remind you of home.

  4. wow! must be so tasty in cold weather.

  5. Sure will enjoy this laksa in cold climate

  6. Yummy! I must try this laksa paste. Thinking of Penang laksa!


Thank you, readers!

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